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“Your Time and Money Worth Best Quality Service”
Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (LHN) is one widely recognized and renowned certified company operating the best luxury trekking and touring packages. LHN is also renowned for operating and organizing private luxury tours, luxury treks, and luxury multinational holidays in Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet. Luxury Holidays Nepal offers lots of services to make your holiday trip a special one. It has lots of great deals to offer you; hiking and excursion, Short Trek in Nepal, Long Trekking in Nepal, Nature Tour and Jungle Safaris, Cultural Heritage Tour, city tour and sightseeing, Adventure Sports and Outdoor Activities such as Rafting, Bungee jumping, Canoeing, Paragliding, Zip Lining, etc, Peak climbing, Expedition, mountaineering activities and many more Best Things to Do in Nepal. We, Luxury Holidays Nepal, not just organize the best of best trip packages but also arrange all the things very well. We have well-trained staff, experienced and certified tour and trekking guides, helpful and strong porters and trip helpers and a team of experts to develop and tailor best fitting trip itineraries. They all serve you with a kind heart; provide quality services with punctuality in a professional way. 
Luxury Holidays Nepal is registered in the Office of the Company Registrar as well as associated with lots of welfare associations and boards. LHN is registered in the Nepal Tourism Board, an active member of the Trekking Agent Association of Nepal (TAAN) and Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA). It is also a lifetime member of the Kathmandu Environment Education Project (KEEP). 
With good cooperation and co-work with every party related and involved in, LHN gives its guests and clients quality, unbiased and special holiday trip that is worthy of your valuable time and Money. We offer top-tier professional services at the most reasonable and competitive price.

Company Overview
Shishir Banjara, a young talented entrepreneur, is the founder of Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd, who established the company in 2014 with the vision of supporting and developing the tourism industry in Nepal via providing professional qualitative luxury services as a responsible tourism organization. Shishir Banjara is one competent and experienced youth who had worked at different levels and different posts in the travel Companies for more than 5 years and gained lots of knowledge to start his own tourism enterprise. That was the time when tourism industries were run by small agencies and on small scale in traditional ways based on their personal contacts and business relations. 
A few years after working as an employee Shishir got the idea of running a tourism enterprise in new and modern techniques in electronic commerce and marketing medium. So he studied more, evaluated every concern and also does some financial management and evaluation. After a long study, he finally started his own enterprise. With the world-class website, He started the business. It was his hard work and dedication which got colored in a short period. 
With the best services and well arrangements of trips and packages, Luxury Holidays Nepal became one of the best luxury travel agents in Nepal offering more than 60+ Luxury tours and treks, and more than a hundred other packages allowing tailoring and altering. Luxury Holidays Nepal has successfully arranged more than 300+ hundred Luxury and other trips in the last year. 
Now LHN has started international and multinational trips and holiday plans. It has been operating trekking, touring and other activities in the best destination of Nepal, India, Bhutan, and Tibet too.

What We Do
In simple words, we don’t do lots of works; we just focus on quality services at a reasonable and ideal price. Our motto is “Your Valuable time and money worth better service”. So LHN’s objectives are only to satisfy its guests and clients. 
LHN’s packages such flexible so they can be tailored and altered to the wish of clients. We have lots of categories of branded luxury hotels and accommodations, different varieties of luxury transportation, a bunch of luxury matters, a group of talented and experienced licensed guides, helpful and kind helpers (Porters), and an expert team for arranging everything to make your trip incredible. They are disciplined members of our team who are kind heart, have well manners and punctual too. 
We just want to make our guests happy and satisfied. We have great communication with hotels, airlines and transportation companies that our guests always get the best services and facilities. We are always concerned that our guests need to feel safe, secured, accompanied and well treated. We don’t differ our guests whether what kinds of travelers they are. Our services, facilities and works are always there as they look for.

LHN Stands For
Luxury Holidays Nepal (LHN) is a native Nepalese company operating locally. LHN's teams are all locals from different places of Nepal to give a hand-to-hand experience through the hand of the locals whether you are visiting. Suppose you're going for the Everest trek then we have the local guides from the Everest region and like that in Annapurna Region, Langtang Region, Cities like Pokhara, Kathmandu, and Chitwan, etc.
Luxury Holidays Nepal is not just a tourism-oriented company, we are a family where we work responsibly and help and care for each other. We always work hard and give our best effort with passion and dedication because we seek the best result. 
LHN is one responsible enterprise that always stands for social welfare and well-being. We, the LHN, understand that every organization has a responsibility for social wellness that’s why we comply with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The Luxury Holidays Nepal has a vision of supporting and developing the Tourism industry in Nepal via operating activities in a new and unique way. So we are offering unique types of packages where tourists have lots of options to choose from; one can go for luxury or deluxe, solo and private or group, luxury family tours, 50 plus ages tour, etc.

Partnership and Operations
Luxury Holidays Nepal is co-working with several international travel agencies. From Australia to the United States of America and India to England, we are associated with several agents. We are also linked and associated with many Hotels, Restaurant, Airlines, Transportation providers and Resorts. Our Agents and working Partners are almost all over the world; Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Singapore, Russia, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, New Zeeland, Bhutan, Philippines, etc. LHN is always trying to develop its markets and communication all over the world and looks for agents and business partners for the alliance.

Luxury Holidays Nepal is one of the popular and famous luxury tour operators and trekking agencies based in Nepal. It’s because of the Commitment, vision, and mission. LHN offers almost every type of travel and tourism-related services related to trekking, Luxury trekking in Nepal, Luxury tour in Nepal, tour, sightseeing, adventure sports, and outdoor activities, bus and flight ticketing, biking and transport, etc at the national and at the International Level. All the activities and services are served by professionals, in good faith and manner. So we only operate such by hiring expert/ professional, experienced, disciplined and certified persons and organizations.
Luxury Holidays Nepal is motivated by good vibes. It has a commitment that “In any case, services and facilities to be offered to the guest of Luxury Holidays Nepal must be qualitative and as reasonable and ideal as the price, there is no compromise in quality of the services”. There are lots of tour and trek operators who decrease the quality of the services for more profit, but we do not do that, once the deal final means final. We have great hospitality and facilities for our guests. 
In short, LHN commits qualitative services and facilities at a reasonable price, and is always responsible for what we do.

We care for the safety
Safety and trip comforts are no compromises and top priorities of the company inclusively not only to clients but also to trekking crews. Sufficient trekking gear is supplied by LHN. Our trekking leaders have trained pharmacy and have considerable knowledge of AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) from different training workshops conducted by HRA (Himalayan Rescue Association), NMC (Nepal Medical Council), KEEP (Kathmandu Education Environment Project), TAAN (Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal), etc.

Every trekking leader carries emergency first aid kits for necessary health support, just in case. All our guides and porters are fully insured. We don’t take any unnecessary risks that could cause you any physical or psychological threats. We constantly keep our communication with the trek leaders about weather conditions that might influence trips. You can feel free to contact your trekking leader in case of any difficulties or confusion.

Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is the renowned Luxury tour and trek operator based in Nepal that has always focused on Quality. Nowadays, there are lots of agencies operating tours and treks. They are only focusing on the high margin only. 
LHN is a company that is not only focused on profits and margin but is also concerned about the satisfaction of the clients.
Luxury Holidays has the vision to become leading luxury travel operators in Nepal with the trust of the people and their satisfaction. We want to make Luxury Holidays Nepal the role model company for every tour and trip agency. 
We have several missions, strategies and action plan to get the Vision achieved. 

Kind regards,
Luxury Holidays Nepal

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