Luxury Holiday Nepal is a leading travel agency in Nepal providing different kinds of services related to trekking, tours, adventure sports, outdoor sports, climbing and expeditions, destination wedding, cultural and historical tours, Helicopter tour services, Luxury Holidays, and many more. These are the common services provided by Luxury Holiday Nepal but the differentiation from others is we are highly engaged in Luxury vacations and holidays. Luxury is something Luxury Holiday Nepal specializes in even on some of the difficult and hardest trekking trails of Nepal.

Luxury Holiday Nepal's fundamental policy is to provide a quality experience and all kinds of services that visitors from all around the world come looking for. We offer different travel services in Nepal offering bunches of types of assistance connected with journeying, visits, experience sports, outside exercises, mountaineering undertakings, and more. The expert class of the LHN is extravagant bargains. Extravagance Holidays have flawlessness in making the best fitting extravagance occasions or an extravagance get-away in Nepal.

The essentials of the Luxury occasions in Nepal are quality; each arrangement and administrations of LHN include quality and flawlessness. For the accommodation of the clients and visitors, Luxury Holidays Nepal gives countless administrations and items. We orchestrate trekking, we coordinate visits, we serve extravagance transportation, we work undertakings and exciting exercises; so, we do everything.

Activities offered by Luxury Holidays Nepal

1. Climbing and Expedition

Climbing and campaigns are widely acclaimed experience sports. Ascending the pinnacles of the mountains is the highlight of Nepal, having more than 800 mountain peaks. Luxury Holidays has been operating different climbing and expeditions in different nooks and corners of the country.

2. Trekking and Hiking

Trekking and Hiking are the main highlights of Nepal. Nepal's physical terrain encompasses hills and landscapes that are widely known for Hiking and Trekking. Luxury Holidays Nepal has been operating Trekking and Hiking in different regions of Nepal successfully with all safety and security.

3. Cultural and Historical Tours

Home to more than 125 ethnic groups of Nepal, if you are deep into culture and religion. Luxury Holidays Nepal has been operating different cultural and historical tours in Nepal alongside neighboring countries such as Bhutan, Tibet, and India.

4. Helicopter Tour Services

Helicopter tours have been laid out as one of the most recognized transportation modes accessible in Nepal. Helicopter tours have various points and degrees as far as Nepal, it has been utilized to visit different distant fascinating areas. Luxury Holidays Nepal has been operating Helicopter tours in different areas of Nepal for every kind of purpose.

5. Adventurous Sports and Sport Tourism

The land of the Himalayas reflects adventure. Adventure in Nepal ranges from plain lands to the highest peaks in the world. Many adventurous sports have been successfully operated by Luxury Holidays Nepal like Mountaineering, trekking, Rafting, Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Canyoning, Mountain biking, Paragliding, Zip-line, Bungee Jumping

6. Destination weddings, Honeymoons, and Family Trips

Luxury Holidays Nepal will undergo all operations and management for every kind of destination wedding, honeymoon, and family tour. Nepal is an exemplary destination for all kinds of activities mentioned above and we make sure to complete it successfully all safe and secure

7. Luxury Packages

This package is an extension of regular treks and tours where you will experience those trips and tours more comfortably and in a fashionable manner.

Luxury Holidays Nepal has been operating different kinds of services and activities, if you want to know more about these services please Contact Us.

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