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Visitors and travelers come, done their trip and go back. They may have time to do some other activities and things. So Add On Trips are those small packages which are done as a side course for your main trip. It is doing some activities before and after your main trip. Travelers may have extra time to spend before or after their main trip and they don’t want the waste that valuable time by just staying at the hotel. 
Add-on trips are something special and additional to your trip. It will fill the gap between your expectations and the reality of the main trip. Doing an extraordinary trip and then after or before doing such a trip if you plugged in other small dynamic trips it will be a more elite vacation.
So some tourists search for such additions thus we the Luxury Holidays Nepal prepare some packages which work as appetizers and desserts for your trip to Nepal. Visiting Chitwan National Park, Short Bhutan Tour, Lumbini (Birthplace of Gautam budda), Pokhara and other beautiful Cities, some other popular hill stations like Nagarkot, Chandragiri, Daman, Dhulikhel, etc, are some popular things to do. You can do some activities such as, day tours, Paragliding, Mountain Flightday hikingrafting on extreme routes of incredible rivers of Nepal, Jungle Safari; do a bungee jump, cannoning and boating, cultural tours and even making some short trekking in Nepal and day hiking too. 
So please contact us if you like such packages.

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