Airport to Hotels in Nepal

On arrival at the international airport in Kathmandu, you will find plenty of taxis waiting to be hired unless your trip operator has arranged a pickup facility for you. The first thought that comes to mind when visiting Nepal as an independent tourist is how to get to your hotel room. You probably want to stay in Thamel because it is recognized for being a hub for backpackers. There are no trains or trams in this area, making public transportation subpar. The simplest route for you is to take a cab from the airport to well-known locations downtown. Watch out; there are prepaid airport taxis and local taxis in the parking lot.

The airport management committee offers pre-paid airport taxis 24 hours a day. They have a set charge and will give you a receipt, but their cost is a little higher than that of a neighborhood public taxi. You can be completely confident in your safety because they are governed by the government. During the day, they will often charge you NPR 750–850, and after 9 o'clock at night, there is a small fee of NPR 100–200.

Local taxis can be easily spotted when you exit the airport building and walk past the pre-paid taxi counter. Ignore all the travel agents and keep walking past a small roundabout until you are sure that you have come out of the first airport gate. This is where you will find the local taxis, and small hatchback cars. They will normally ask you between NPR 700 to 800, but if you bargain for a bit, they will come down up to NPR 500-600. Agree to the rate before stepping into the taxi. Make sure that the driver knows your hotel location properly instead of making rounds later to locate your hotel and then charging you extra money. Don’t worry about your personal safety as Nepalese people are very trustworthy and charming, although remembering the taxis registration plate is a good move.