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Nepal is the best destination in the world to gain the experience of natural and cultural blessings. It holds the piece of heaven or paradise where you will always bless by the blessings of nature and the culture from the beginning of mankind. The natural beauties and the uniqueness of the cultures make the Nepal Visit always new and extraordinary.
Nepal is also known as the Himalayan country or the kingdom of the Himalayas because of the larger parts of the Himalayan fall within the territory of Nepal. Despite being a small country, Nepal is the most diverse country in the world. From the low land of just 60m from sea level to the highest peak in the world, Mt. Everest, an 8,848m height peak, falls within Nepal. Not only in the elevation but also climates are also very diverse and Nepal is also a biodiverse nation.

Nepal is equally diverse in culture as well. Though Nepal has several religions and religious groups, there has not been any religious war and conflict yet. The peoples of Nepal live with religious Harmony. Nepal has large numbers of ethnic and native groups with diverse cultures and traditions. Almost 45 % of the land of Nepal is covered with forests that shelter varieties of floras and faunas. The forest of Nepal is full of lush trees and wildflowers. The wilder lands are the home for some endemic, some endangered, and some rare animals, birds, and many other species of floras and faunas. The diverse floras and faunas of Nepal also make it the destination of lots of travelers and tourists.

Nepalese beauties are more colored with the cultural heritages and monuments which reflect the ancient history of Nepal and the historical background of the Kingdom of Nepal.
If you are planning for your next vacations or holidays, then there is no other destination as best as Nepal to explore the beauties of the blend of Culture and nature altogether. Luxury Holidays Nepal is one leading locally based tour and trek company in Nepal. We have lots of packages of Nepal tours to provide you a first-hand experience of Nepal visit with a realistic appearance. Here are the top and most selling Nepal tour packages that you must try. These packages are developed with the co-work of Guides, local people, a team of experts, and a few historians. These packages focus on the few best places to visit in Nepal and are the most popular destination in Nepal.

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