Best Restaurants in Thamel, Kathmandu

Nepal is one of the best options to visit among the many travel lovers from the different parts of the world who have no idea what to anticipate from Kathmandu's cuisine scene. What does one eat in Nepal? Popular foods include rice, lentil soups, and curries although nothing is out of reach. The best restaurants in Thamel have it all, from Nepali food, momos, and Italian-style pasta to Japanese ramen. You are free to have whatever you want.

Below I have enlisted the best restaurants in Thamel, popular among all international and national visitors to Nepal. 

Fire and Ice Pizzeria

Special Dishes: 

  • Brick oven pizza

Fire and Ice Pizzeria is a very popular restaurant in the heart of Kathmandu, Thamel for travellers, residents, and travellers who like to stay back and enjoy the morning cup of Italian Espresso, or after the day, to enjoy a little bit of Italy with amazing pasta, pizzas, organic salads and deserts with sharing with friends about stories and adventures. It has been serving the greatest Pizza in Nepal since 1995. So, if you're craving some delectable Italian cuisine, Fire and Ice Pizzeria is without a doubt, the spot to visit. The ingredients from the exotic anchovies to the home's tomato sauce are top-notch.

Make a reservation and plan to share one of the tavern-style hardwood tables, as it is highly popular. 

Yangling Restaurant 

Special Dishes:

  • Momos (dumpling) 

  • Fried rice 

  • Noodles

  • Thukpa

  • Sherpa Beer

Locals and visitors alike go to this simple family-run establishment for the greatest momos (dumplings) in town (try the chicken ones). The momos here in Yangling restaurant are extraordinary and will make you squeal with delight when you ask for one more dish, despite your doubts about your ability to consume so much food!. You could ask for pork, buff, mutton, and chicken momos. Besides this, you could have sherpa beer with various meats, which are worth a try.


Special Dishes:

  • Vegan creme Brulee

  • Zucchini and mushroom pie

  • Falafel and Labane

  • Ziva

  • Fattoush salad

Best for Mediterranean vegetarian and vegan cuisine

Or2k is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant and cafe in Thamel, Kathmandu. This colorful, buzzy, and ever-popular Israeli vegetarian restaurant gives chilled and friendly vibes. Its specialties include its wonderful and copious Middle Eastern cuisine which includes, superb hummus and falafels. 

I recommend you to go for dinner as the cool lighting and ambiance will appeal to you.

Besides this, Or2k restaurant features live music and a vibrant décor with original paintings.

Third Eye

Special Dishes: 

  • Stuffed Chicken Breast Initial

  • Smooth cheddar

  • Fish Momtaz 

The third eye is a long-running popular restaurant, a favourite among well-heeled visitors, located in the heart of Thamel. This place is best for enjoying debonair Indian and Continental cuisine. The spice level is set to 'tourist,' so tell the efficient (if not nice) suited waiters if you want it hotter. The third eye is best for spending quality time with companions at night or in the evening time as it is a good ambiance accessed with sufficient space. 

French Creperie 

Special Dishes: Best for French Foods


- Galettes

- Lemon chicken

- Cocktails

- Iced ginger lemon honey 

French Creperie is a hidden gem in the Nnarsingh Chown, Thamel. This restaurant serves a variety of French foods, I am sure that will not disappoint you. French Creperie is a cozy place with a great ambiance that serves you the best foods that will surely make your tummy happy. French Creperie. 

Himalayan Java 

Special Drink: Coffee 

Special Dishes:

  • Sandwich 

  • Cakes

Himalayan Java is one of the most popular places in Nepal, where you can’t ask for much more than high grades of coffee and a kind heart. Himalayan Java is one of the Starbucks of Nepal serving locally sourced coffee roasted to perfection in the ideal Himalayan air since 1999. Besides this, Java is a must-go place when you want to enjoy a variety of delicious cakes and savoury dishes, sandwich size and the palatable chocolate brownies there will surely not disappoint you. 

Thamel is home to Java's flagship coffee shop, even so it has portable outlets that can be found in almost every part of the country, including Boudha, Pokhara, Mananag, and Namche Bazaar.

Roadhouse Cafe

Special Dishes:

  • Brick oven pizzas

  • Pasta

The Roadhouse Café in Thamel was the earliest and most famous, and it has long been a favourite of both locals and tourists. Roadhouse is one of the favorite spots for many tourists to visit after a day of hiking, touring, and trekking as it serves incredible food. You could enjoy the choice of brick oven pizzas and pasta here. 

Forest and Plate 

Special Dishes:

  • Mexican Salad Photo

  • Pesto Pasta 

  • Cashew Cake

  • Beets and Ginger 

Forest and Plate is a charming rooftop eatery in Mandala street, Thamel, that serves special fresh salads and raw ingredients. It serves delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes. Forest and Plate eatery use locally sourced herbs and organic ingredients. Fresh fruit and vegetables are difficult to come by on famous trekking routes, and this spot offers a nice break from the overly cooked fare. 

Moreover, the restaurant lived up to its name as it is surrounded by potted plants. It gives you the impression of being in a forest. 

Rosemary Kitchen and Coffee Shop

Special Dishes:

  • Mongolian Chicken

  • Himalayan River Trout

  • Mongolian Chicken

  • Goat’s cheese and roasted garlic starter

Rosemary Kitchen and Coffee Shop serve you one of the best western-style meals. In addition, from Nepali choila chicken to fresh salads, homemade bread, and wine by the glass, there's something for everyone here. You can visit this place for fresh coffee in the morning. The restaurant has not only good chefs but also superb hygiene standards, courtesy of training from a Swiss chef.

Himalayan River trout is one of their specialties, it's trout from the Himalayan rivers, which are beautifully pure. This dish is not to be missed, served with a delightful zesty lemon sauce, the freshest vegetables, and the greatest mashed potato you'll find in Nepal.

Hankook Sarang

Special Dishes:

-Korean Food (Kimbap, Bibimbap)  

Hankook Sarang is unquestionably the best location in Thamel, which has been delivering a century-old culture of authentic, delectable, and opulent Korean cuisine on your dinner plate, science 2002. It has its outlet in Tangal as well. 

Kaiser Cafe

Special Dishes:

  • Sauces

  • Salad

Special Drinks: Brew Coffee

Kaiser Cafe is one of the best restaurants in Thamel, Kathmandu, where you go for the cuisine and for the view. This Cafelies in the Garden of Dreams, this stunning garden was developed in the European neo-classical style and designed to pay homage to Nepal's six seasons and is located just across the street from the former royal palace at the entrance to the Thamel tourist district. Besides this, Kaiser Cafe is a great place to unwind while reading a book with a cup of tea and a slice of pie. This place offers varieties of foods of international varieties. 

New Orleans

Special Dishes: 

  • Thai Curries

  • Creole jambalaya

New Orleans is a wonderful spot to celebrate after a successful trek and tour, a great place to talk and drink. New Orleans, tucked away down an alley near Kathmandu Guest House, has a cosy candle-lit atmosphere, a sophisticated blues and jazz soundtrack, and musical performances on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Asian, Italian, European, American, Nepali Food Items.

Thamel Momo Hut

Special Dishes

  • Varieties of Momos

Momos(dumplings) is one of the unofficial national foods of Nepal. When you are in Nepal, momo is the go-to dinner at any time of day because of its simple recipes and delicious taste. And for the best momos in Thamel town, Thamel Momo hut is an unmissable place. At a time you can buy 5 or 10 momos, allowing you to taste a variety of flavours.

Apart from these restaurants and cafes in Thamel, there is a lot more to explore in Nepal. Delicious Newari food, Thakali Food, Nepali Dal Bhat set, sherpa food, and more in Nepal including Thamel. The lovely thing about Nepal is that you'll receive a variety of tastes as you travel from one city/town to the next. Also, you have varieties of tasty beers, wines, and many more things while you are here in most of the restaurants of Nepal. 

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