Best Time to Visit Bhutan

Bhutan, the homeland of the thunder dragon, is the east Himalayan nation with the highest average elevation from sea level. The beauties of Bhutan are the Himalayas and its foothills combination with the incredible mixture. Like Nepal, the small kingdom of the thunder dragon, emphasizing on gross happiness of the citizens rather than the gross national product, Bhutan is a culturally and naturally blessed country. The bliss of the nation is the blessings of nature that blended culture which makes the Bhutanese peoples always happy, relaxed, and calm.

Whatever we do, the better timing and the starting at the best suitable time is almost half completion and success. Like other things, traveling and exploring the world are also required to do in the best season so we get the best experience and perfect admiration of the places we visit and the things we do.

There is no huge difference in Nepalese and Bhutanese climate and geography except the lower plain land of Nepal known as terai which is the tropical region with warmer climate during the spring and autumn season. The hills and Himalayas are similar and weather conditions, floras, and faunas are also mostly similar in Nepal and Bhutan.

For the Bhutan tour or any type of vacation in Bhutan, the season of autumn and spring are best. Most of the trekkers, tourists, and travelers visit Bhutan during those two seasons so that they have a greater climate condition, better scenes and views, and the beauty of nature in the utmost time.

Bhutan visit during Autumn

The days from mid-September to mid-December (Autumn) are the best time to travel Bhutan and get the best experience with the utmost natural beauty. During those days, the weather is pleasant as the days are sunny with clear blue sky and the nights are cool and pleasant.

The hills and Himalayas are very beautiful and the views and scenes are very clear as well. The alpine trees and the hilly forest flourish as the juvenile buds and branches grow in Spring. Lots of wildflowers as well as domestic bloom during this time. The blossoms of nature are outstanding and amazing.

Best things to do in Bhutan in Autumn

Most of the tourists contacting us use to ask what are the best things to do in Bhutan and how much better to do in Autumn. The answer is simple! Anything you want to do in Bhutan, Autumn is the best time for those. For example, trekking in Bhutan or tour, mountaineering, and climbing, everything is best to do in Autumn.

Trekking in Bhutan in Autumn

Bhutan is the Himalayan nation. The average elevation of the country from the sea level is 3,280 m (10,761 ft) and is the country with the highest average elevation. The Himalayas and the hills of Bhutan is the home for several thrilling and adventurous trekking, hiking and mountaineering activities.

Most trekkers have questions about the best season for trekking in Bhutan. Almost every season, you can trek in Bhutan but remember that autumn is the best season for trekking in Bhutan. Clear sky, better weather conditions, sunny days, scenes, and views clean seeable from the far distance, fresh white rivers, and the lakes and waterfalls waken up after the rains of rainy seasons, dry trekking trails and many other things makes Bhutan treks in Autumn best and incredible.

Climbing and mountaineering in Bhutan in Autumn

Wherever, Nepal, Tibet, India, Bhutan, or any places, for mountaineering activities and peek climbing in the Himalayas, the experienced climbers and mountaineers and the experts suggest doing during the Autumn. From every aspect the season of Autumn in be3st for trekking and mountaineering activities. The clear sunny days with blue sky, better weather condition not raining heavily, unchangeable climates, pleasant nights and cool days, beautiful scenery and views, and many other things makes Autumn the best time for climbing and mountaineering in Bhutan

Bhutan tour in Autumn

Like trekking, climbing, mountaineering activities, or any other adventure activities, autumn is best for a tour in Bhutan as well. The flourish forests and blooming natures, beautiful sceneries and pleasant weather, rivers, and waterfalls with fresh whitey waters, several beautiful streams and waterfalls waken up after the burst of the water source because of the heavy rains in rainy seasons, etc are the best parts and highlights of Bhutan tour in Autumn.

Bhutan Visit in Spring

Spring, the season of togetherness and new Beginning!

Spring is another best season for holidays or vacation in Bhutan. The beauty of nature is at the utmost position with new juvenile and buds. Spring is the new sunshine after the worst nightmare. The nightmare of the extreme cold of the winter with heavy snowfalls and the harshing cold and cleansing chilly winds.

The beautiful green surrounding, pleasant sunny days with clear blue sky and small white cotton pieces in the sky above the green hills, beautiful sceneries and clear mountain views, and cool nights! These are the best parts of Spring. 

For holidays in Bhutan Spring is best as the alpine forest start to bloom again after the extreme winter, grasses and branches begin to grow new buds, the birds start singing a song to call their partners, fewer rains give new life to the rivers and streams, lakes and ponds start to reflect the beautiful nature, the beautiful whitey Himalayan come up to the green hills with a new smile and why little bit shy. Berries and plum fruits bloom fully, etc. in short spring is the new life of the beautiful land of Bhutan. 

Best Things to in Bhutan during Spring

Bhutan is the collection of lots of best things to do. Trekking, mountaineering, peak climbing, tours and nature walk, wildlife exploration, cultural exploration, and outdoor and adventure activities are the best things to experience while you are in Bhutan. Likewise autumn, spring is another best time for holidays in Bhutan showcasing different and unique experiences distinctive to Autumn. 

Trekking in Bhutan in Spring

From easy to moderate and difficult trekking Bhutan is another trekking hub to enter the Himalayan lands. The Bhutan trekking comprises the beautiful and astounding nature along with the unique and awesome culture of Bhutan. Like Autumn, Spring is an equal and more distinctively rewarding season. The trails are full of beautiful green scenery, the peaks and mountains are awesome with the white reflection over the thick snow, birds sing a song all on the way while the sound of streams and rivers give a beautiful back tone! Bhutan treks in spring are incredible!

Climbing and mountaineering in Bhutan in Spring

As Bhutan is the Himalayan country, lots of peaks and mountains of the East Himalayas offer exciting and thrilling mountaineering. Peak climbing and mountaineering are the most exciting and adventurous things that you can do while in Bhutan. Autumn and Spring are the best time for this. These two seasons give different thrills and experiences. In spring, you have fully snow-covered mountains and peaks, glaciers and the glacial lakes have beautiful looks and the lower hills are charming with the new juvenile and buds. Grounds and pasture lands are very awesome in the morning when the dew over the newly grown green grasses reflects sunshine, it is like pearls all over the ground. 

In terms of safety and risks, Spring is best because there are now heavy rains and weather is clear and climates are almost fixed and suitable for the whole season. The snowfall stops and the sunny days are a little warmer and pleasant as well. 

Bhutan Tour in Spring

If anyone asks “which is the best season for Bhutan Tour”, the answer will be ‘Spring’. Because spring is the season of love, new beginning, and togetherness. Spring brings happiness and smiles on everyone's faces and revives nature harshed by winter.

The new grown buds and grasses give new and awesome beauty to nature, the flowers add the awesome aroma in the air and the green hills and the white Himalayas attach the frame with beautiful backgrounds.

Spring in Bhutan means the beautiful green alpine forests, shy mountains, and peaks with shining smiles, pleasant weather, and clear sunny days with blue sky, little bit clouds swimming in the blue sky, cool nights while stars are more bright and shiny. Birds come in couples to welcome you and rivers and streams give beautiful backbone. Everything is awesome because this is spring where nature gives a unique experience and comes out with awesome adornment.

The government of Bhutan emphasizes the environmental context with eco and sustainable tourism. The responsible tourism philosophy drives Bhutan to give the tourist the best experience with better quality services and facilities. for more details and information about Bhutan please Contact Us.

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