Dhampus Sarangkot: Top 5 Benefits of Dhampus Sarangkot trek

Dhampus Sarangkot trek is one of the best holiday trips for an incredible trip in the natural splendor of the Annapurna region offering the stunning paradise for locals and the visitors in a subtropical and alpine setting spread across the lots of hills and mountains of Himalayas. The dynamic diversity of the environment snaps the colorful beauty of the flora and the fauna of the Annapurna Region. Whether searching for the unique wildlife, interested in visiting the deep subtropical and alpine forests or eager to walk along the uphill trails in front of the Annapurna massif, Dhampus Sarangkot trek possesses distinct feral beauty reflecting the marvels of typical Nepalese communities and the settlements.

When you visit the Dhampus and Sarangkot, you realize what you are missing staying at your home. Dhampus Sarangkot is the best trip for either solo and independent travel or group or some specific purpose trip such as educational, business, natural or cultural tour. Your trip to the Annapurna region provides you incredible vacations and elite Nepal sojourn with lots of benefits and advantages. The Top 5 advantages of Dhampus Sarangkot Trek as here as below:

Best Short Trek

Dhampus Sarangkot trek is one of the top short treks in Nepal. Despite the short duration of the walk, this trek offers the visitors to reach the two most popular hill stations near Pokhara with two hikes; Dhampus Hiking and Sarangkot Hiking and lets everyone enjoy the dynamic diversity of Himalayan land. within the short walk of just two days, trekkers get amazing experience of walking in the uphill trails passing through the subtropical and alpine setting, typical villages and settlements reflecting the diverse culture and tradition of Nepal and religious harmony of Nepal, and amazing views of Himalayas and the mountains of Annapurna massif, Dhaulagiri massif and Manaslu ranges. Dhampus Sarangkot is the best short trek to admire the Himalayas and mountains from the close up looks. This trek is also best for the sunrise from and between the sky lining mountains, sunset view, and vibrant reflection of the light in the white peaks.

Sunrise and Sunset Views

Dhampus Sarangkot Trek is the walking toward the great and showstopping viewpoints; Dhampus and Sarangkot, for stunning views of sunrise and sunset. The best part of these hill stations is the outstanding views of the sun rising above the Himalayan between the giant peaks and reflecting the colorful rays over the snow of the Himalayas making the supernatural glimpses.

After a long walk of a day, while you are in the top of the hill and look at the sun ready to set, you find how deeply the sun goes down and even in setting how beautiful moments it creates to relax and rejuvenate you.


Stunning Views of Mountains

The trials, as well as the viewpoints of the Dhampus and Sarangkot, provide the stunning views of several peaks of Annapurna Massif, Dhaulagiri Massif, and Manaslu Massif. It is a great pleasure and epic moments to admire the majestic panoramic views of Himalayas. If the weather is clear, viewers can see lots of peaks and mountains standing tall. Dhampus and Sarangkot is the best place for the views of mountains such as Annapurna ranges, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Fishtail/ Mt. Machhapuchhre, Hiuchuli, Manaslu ranges, etc

Vibrant Beauty of Pokhara

Dhampus Sarangkot is also a better way to capture the beauties of Pokhara in the single frame. These two hills give them enough space to every trekker to look back from where they began their journey to uphill. When you reach the top and look back to the lower land, in see the Lakes around the Pokhara, beautiful cities, lush forests, thrill-seekers gliding in the sky of Pokhara, and many more beautiful things that really give beautiful views to capture and memories in your journey experience as well as in the Camera to décor wall of your home.

Thrilling and Adventure sports

Sarangkot is the best place for outdoor activities to thrill and adventure. Lots of tourists get to the point for the enjoyment of the real natural thrill and adventure.

  • Paragliding

One of the best adventure sports to enjoy in Pokhara and Sarangkot is Paragliding, yes Paragliding. Paragliding is the most popular thing to do in Pokhara and lots of tourists from the international level come here to experience the real natural thrill. Fly from the high hills, gliding down slowly via spearing the clouds and fogs, feeling the air like a bird and looking down like a hawk, Paragliding in Pokhara is the best way to admiring the beauties of Pokhara and the surrounds. As you land in the lakeside area, you realize how big achievement you have just accomplished.

Dhampus Sarangkot trek is one best short trek as well as the most popular trek in the Annapurna region that lets you to one of the most popular destinations offering lots of things to do in Nepal. This is the multiactivity where you visit some typical and traditional settlements and communities, several monuments, experience the old Nepalese cultures and make the real thrill and adventure. This is a beneficial trek where you have a lot of things to do and enjoy. More to those top 5 benefits of Dhampus Sarangkot trek, Exploration of Typical and ethnic villages, the experience of traditional Nepales cultures and values, exploration of diverse floras and fauna, etc are also top benefits of Dhampus Sarangkot trek.

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