Everest Base Camp Trek: A Boon or A Curse

Everyone who knows Everest Base Camp Trek and Mt. Everest says that the trekkers will be blessed when they are at Everest Base Camp. But, viewing it from other side, it also can be a curse to the trekkers.
Undoubtedely, Everest Base Camp Trek is a world class moderate to adventure trekking into the lap of Mt. Everest, the top of the world. But, sometimes, this adventure turns to be a nasty curse to the trekkers. Now, let’s see how it turns to be like boon and a curse in details.

The following things will determine your Everest Base Camp Trek to be a boon or a curse.

Choose a Reliable Trekking Company
It is hard to find a reliable trekking company but if make extensive research on travel and trekking companies in Nepal, you can find it. While finding a reliable trekking company to operate your Everest Base Camp Trek, you need to check its team, its goodwill in international and national arena, how long years of operational experience does it own, tripadvisor review of the company and the like. These all aspects of particular company determine how reliable it is. If you are really smart to find a reliable trekking company, your Everest Base Camp Trek will be a boon. Otherwise, there is possibility of fraud or scam. Like the issue of heli scam was burring few months ago. The unreliable trekking companies plot to make the clients sick on the trail and urge them to go with rescue. So that, they can make a good profit by recuing you. At this time, your Everest Base Camp Trek will be a curse.

Accompany with an Experienced and Professional Team
The experienced and professional team including the guide and the porter will help you in several ways on the Everest Base Camp Trekking trail. You will feel less burden and more relaxed with the professional and experienced team. They do all kinds of preparations like food, accommodation, weather, views and even the staff. They even will take a good care of you on the trail and instruct you what to do and what no to do during your trip. But if you are going to accompany with unprofessional guide and porter on the trail, you can not communicate well and their will occur misunderstanding between two parties. They do not take a good care of you and you will find your Everest Base Camp Trek a curse. Thus, try your best to find a reliable and professional team to accompany during your Everest Base Camp Trek.

Pack up the right Gear
A particular trekking without the right gear is always incomplete. When you require a particular gear on the trail, you may not get in the mountain and you criticize yourself that you should have carried those gears. We can get all required gears in Kathmandu. Some trekkers prefer to use second hand trekking gears for their Everest Base Camp Trek but we don’t want it. We want you all to use the fresh and reliable trekking gear so that you will find your Everest Base Camp Trek a boon, otherwise, a curse.

Choose the best Weather
If the weather favors you during your trip to Everest Base Camp, you will find it as a boon. If we encounter with weather extremes on the trail, it will be like a curse. So, we need to be very watchful in finding the right weather for our Everest Base Camp Trek. We suggest you to make your Everest Base Camp Trek either in Spring or in Autumn. The rainy and winter will be very harsh for us. The spring and rainy will offer us mesmerizing landscapes and mountain panorama which will ultimately make our Everest Base Camp Trek a boon.

Final Say
In fact, it depends on you whether your Everest Base Camp Trek turns to be a boon or curse. If you are well organized preparing all required things prior to the trek like finding a reliable trekking company, accompanying with professional team, packing the right gear, and finding the best weather, you will collect incredible experiences and you will find you Everest Base Camp Trek a boon otherwise a curse. We hope you won’t make your Everest Base Camp Trek a curse, rather a boon.

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