Everest Base Camp Trek: Expectation VS Reality

Everest Base Camp Trek, graded as moderate to adventure trekking in Everest region in Nepal, has been one of the premier destinations for the global trekkers who love to Everest, the top of the world.

Majority of the people define Everest Base Camp Trek as a magnificent and spectacular but in reality various indicators determine Everest Base Camp Trek be marvelous. Is Everest Base Camp really an astounding adventure trekking for the lifetime? But there is a vast gap between expectation and reality. We do not really find the things as we anticipate. We do expect that everything will be perfect during our Everest Base Camp Trek but things may not go in such a way. There are few challenges of Everest Base Camp Trek that makes a difference between our expectation and the reality. Also, many people are found exaggerating about Everest Base Camp and it is sometimes not as such. However, Everest Base Camp Trek is, was, and will be a world-class moderate to adventure trekking in the Khumbu region in Nepal.

To support Everest Base Camp Trek: Expectation VS reality, we need to see the challenges that we are going to encounter with on the Everest Base Camp Trekking Trail. Now, let’s see what are such challenges that change our beautiful expectation into something bitter experiences in reality?

Food and Accommodation
We find some luxury hotels and restaurants on the Everest Base Camp Trekking trail but most of the lodges and restaurants are ordinary. Sometimes, the lodges and the restaurant are a shortage of foodstuffs and you may not have such food items you really want. The most challenging thing for the food and accommodation on the Everest Base Camp Trekking Trail will occur during the peak season: Autumn (Sept-Nov). What will be challenging for you during Autumn is that you have to wait for long hours to get your food because the trail and the lodges are terribly crowded. Even you have to wait for your turn to have dinner sometimes. So, some travelers give up Everest Base Camp Trekking and go with other less crowded trekking like Mardi Himal and Manaslu Trek. To avoid this nasty experience, we suggest carrying some light snacks in case you go hungry during your Everest Base Camp Trek.

Regarding the accommodation, we do not get our accommodation easily during Autumn as the lodges are terribly crowded. You need to make a prior booking or you need to accompany a professional and experienced guide. So that he can make all required arrangement for your trip. Otherwise, we may have to sleep either in dining or in the dormitory which is sometimes very nasty with stinking socks in local guesthouses. Many trekkers who have been to Everest remark that they had nasty experiences during Autumn that they spent the night in the dormitory and dining. So, do not expect luxury accommodation during your Everest Base Camp Trek, the reality is different.

One of the big issues of Everest Base Camp Trek is a weather challenge. Lukla weather challenges us constantly. As a result, our Lukla flight is canceled or postponed which will really be nasty. If you have such a bizarre experience at the beginning of the Everest Base Camp trek, you will be scared that you will have something wrong on the trail later. Every kind of flight like mountain flight, heli tour to Everest Base Camp and regular flight to Everest Base Camp will get canceled due to the bad weather condition of Lukla. Even, sometimes, we need to find other options for our Everest Base Camp Trek like jeep ride to Shivalaya. So, we suggest you have some spare days ( at least 2) so that there will be less chance of missing Lukla flight.

Altitude Sickness
Sometimes, we are troubled by altitude sickness which obstructs our Everest Base Camp and consequently we give it up. If the problem persists, you need a rescue from the mountain. For this, you need to have full travel insurance which covers your rescue and medical expenses.

To avoid altitude sickness, we need to balance stamina in the mountain. Having a balanced diet, regular exercises, avoiding local meat, avoiding water from the local tap and having plenty of water and soup help us defending altitude sickness.

Final Say
It doesn’t’ mean that Everest Base Camp Trek is full of challenges. If we prepare well by booking your Everest Base Camp Trek via a reliable company, accompanying with professional guide and porters, packing up the right gear, making prior booking of accommodation, enhancing stamina, minimizing the risks of altitude sickness, enhancing stamina and choosing the best weather, you will find your Everest Base Camp Trek an awesome for the lifetime.

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