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Everest Flight is one of the most sought things on Google since the flight is often disturbed due to unfavorable weather condition. The tourists are stranded either at the hotel or at the airport. It is either cancelled or postponed. Everest Flight is the only way to connect Lukla for Your Everest Base Camp Trek.

There are several types of flight to the Everest. They are: Normal Daily Flight to Lukla, Helicopter Tour or Flight and Mountain Flight. In accidental case, there is also rescue flight to the Everest but it is not considered as a normal flight to be used by the tourists.
Now let’s talk about all sorts of Everest Flights in detail.
Everest Regular Flight ( Lukla Flight)
This regular Everest Flight from Kathmandu takes place every day. Normally, this flight is operated in the morning when we have fair weather. And, we can not get such clear weather in the afternoon and in the evening. This flight from Kathmandu to Lukla and Back to Kathmandu takes the same duration that is 35 minutes.

Recently, the Lukla flights are operated from Manthali airport. Manthali airport is 4-5 hours drive from Kathmandu. This is because the runway of Kathmandu airport is under repair for the next two months. After that, the Kathmandu airport will resume its regular flight to Lukla directly. Actually, the airport is closed between 8 pm to 10 am every day. Some of the Lukla flights are still operated directly from Kathmandu.

The one way Lukla flight from Kathmandu cost USD 175. Sometimes, the regular Lukla flight gets disturbed due to bad weather condition. As a result, either get cancelled or postponed. Thus, we recommend having some spare days( at least 2 days) for your Everest trekking. That will make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Sita Airlines, Tara Airlines and Goma Airlines operate regular Lukla flight
Everest Helicopter Tour ( Everest Heli Flight)
Heli Flight is another option to experience the entire Everest region and majestic mountain giants including Everest. The tiring trekking for two weeks in the mountain trail can be replaced by this spectacular Heli flight to Everest. The flight takes off from Kathmandu airport domestic terminal and heads to Everest region. This flight first offers us the magnificent view of Langtang Mountain range and shifts to the Everest region. The flight lands at Syangboche airport and the clients can have breakfast or tea or coffee or light snacks there. Now, we fly to Everest Base Camp and land there. We spend 10-15 minutes there. We capture the most breathtaking views of mountain panorama including Loa Tse, Nuptse, Pumori, Makalu and Mt. Everest, the top of the world. The landscapes, the glaciers, avalanches, mountain peaks and the settlements are incredible to view with an eagle eye. The helicopter of Shree, Simrik, Manang, Altitude airlines are some of the heli flight operators in Nepal. This is an hour flight to the Everest.

One Everest Heli Flight costs between USD4000-4500.
Everest Mountain Flight
Everest Mountain Flight is another type of flight for the real discovery of the Everest region. Different airlines like Shree Airlines, Buddha Airlines, and Yeti Airlines operate regular Everest Mountain Flight from Kathmandu airport. This is one hour flight with a guaranteed window to everyone so that they can capture mesmerizing mountain summits. We go round of Everest mountain panorama experiencing the entire region and the landscapes. Finally, we fly back to Kathmandu.

The cost of Everest Mountain Flight is USD varies between USD194-200 depending on the trekking and tour company.
Final Say
If you are making your trip to Everest region by Everest Heli Flight, Everest Mountain Flight or Everest Regular Flight, you’d better have some spare days ( at least 1 day) because these flights, sometimes, gets disturbed due to the unfair weather condition of Lukla. Lukla weather is changing in every few minutes. If you encounter this problem of unfair weather condition, please do not blame to the tour or trekking operator in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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