How much does it cost to go Everest Base Camp?

It is a complicated job to determine exactly how much does it cost to go Everest Base Camp? Various factors and indicators determine the Everest Base Camp Trek Cost.

How are you planning to trek Everest Base Camp? Independently or Guided? Do you want Everest Base Camp Trek Package all inclusive or Bed and Breakfast?

Prior to your Everest Base Camp Trek, you need to determine all the variations of Everest Base Camp Trek and go to find the How Much does it cost to go Everest Base Camp.

The Following Factors determine Everest Base Camp Trek Cost.

Are looking forward to Everest Heli Tour?
Everest Heli Tour is one of the magnificent ways to explore Everest Base Camp and the entire region witnessing stunning Mt. Everest, the top of the world. Heli flight takes off from Kathmandu airport heading to Everest mountain panorama. We land at Syagboche and take some snacks. Next, we fly to Everest Base Camp and capture Everest and other giant mountain peaks and fly back to Kathmandu. Everest Heli Tour costs USD 4200. This is a completely private tour. But if you like sharing heli tour, the individual tourist has to pay USD 1200. One heli can be shared by 6 people.

Independent Everest Base Camp Trek or Guided Everest Base Camp Trek?

What is Independent Everest Base Camp Trek?

If we plan to do Everest Base Camp Trek on your own without taking help from guide and trekking company is called Independent Everest Base Camp Trek. We do not hire guide and porter and even do ask a trekking company to book our Everest Base Camp Trek. We obtain all required permits for Everest Base Camp Trek. Independent Everest Base Camp Trek is, relatively, cheaper than Guided Everest Base Camp Trek. However, it is not safe and reliable.

What is Guided Everest Base Camp Trek?

We ask a particular trekking company to arrange your Everest Base Camp Trek. You will be accompanying with guide and porter on the trail. Your guide will help you a lot arranging your accommodation, foods and also tells about the weather and local culture. You need to pay for the company, guide and porter for your Guided Everest Base Camp Trek so that the cost of Guided Everest Base Camp Trek goes higher than Independent Everest Base Camp Trek.

TIMS (Trekkers Information Management System) and Permit

TIMS card can be obtained from Nepal Tourism Board located in Kathmandu. Or optionally, you trekking partner in Nepal will help you to obtain it for you. One TIMS card costs USD 10.

Secondly, we have to obtain Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit for our Everest Base Camp Trek. Recently, the rule has been changed and the Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit can be obtained from Lukla. Previously, we could get it from Kathmandu. The Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit costs USD 33.

Trekking Gear
We need to pack up the right gear prior to our Everest Base Camp Trek. We can purchase trekking gear in Thamel, Kathmandu or you can bring your own if you have. We suggest you pack up the right and reliable gear. Hiring second-hand gear will not be reliable. The common trekking gear for Everest Base Camp Trek are Down Jacket, Sleeping Bag, A Backpack Bag, Trekking Poles, Water Bottle, Sunglasses, Fleece, Hiking or Trekking Boots, Socks, Warmer, etc. You can bargain while purchasing these trekking gears in Thamel.

Guide and Porter
If you are going to hire a guide and porter, your trekking trip is going to be more memorable. Hiring guide costs USD 30 per day. If a guide is a beginner, he/she will agree with USD 25 too. Hiring one porter costs USD 20 per days. A porter can carry a maximum of 25 Kgs. The guide and the porter will adjust their food and accommodation at the same cost. We do not need to pay extra for their personal expenses. If you choose a full board package of Everest Base Camp Trek, the cost of guide and porter will include.

Food and Accommodation
One food item in Everest Base Camp Trekking trail costs between USD 4-8 depending on what you eat. Comparing to other trekking regions, the cost of food and accommodation is more expensive.

One accommodation per night on Everest Base Camp Trekking Trail costs between USD 10-20. It also depends on what type of lodge do you prefer to stay. We can also get deluxe luxury accommodation in Namche and Dingboche. If like to enjoy luxury accommodation, the cost goes higher.

Flight Cost
Lukla Flight from Kathmandu (one way) costs USD 170. During the off-season, the cost gets lower. This cost sometimes may vary depending on airlines.

Tips are expected after carrying out a particular duty in a reliable way making the client pleased. The same rule is applied in Trekking and Tour. The normal rule of allocating tip for guide and porter is USD 4-5 each day. You will handover it at the end of the trip to the leader or individually to your guide and porter.

Personal expenses
Your personal expenses include your drinks, sopping of souvenirs on the mountain, some donations etc. Your personal expenses depend on how generous and prodigal you are. Sometimes, you really love something but you may not have enough budgets for purchasing it. So, we recommend you to have some personal expenses too for your Everest Base Camp Trek.

Final Say
Calculating the cost of all above-mentioned indicators, the maximum cost for Everest Base Camp Trek cost will be USD 1200. This cost includes guide and porter, all official expenses of travel partner in Nepal, your accommodation and food, all required permits, insurances of crews and flight ticket (two ways) (Lukla- Kathmandu- Lukla). But this cost doesn’t include the cost of trekking gear, personal expenses and tips to the guide and porter. Some Trekking companies provide a sleeping bag, trekking poles and down jacket at this cost. If you like to go with Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek, then the cost will rise to USD 2500.

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