How to prevent Altitude sickness for Everest Base Camp Trek

Before discussing how to prevent Altitude Sickness for Everest Base Camp, let’s see what altitude sickness is. Altitude sickness is a health problem due to high altitude when we go higher elevation in the mountains. Vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, tiredness, fever, headache, etc are some of the common symptoms of altitude sickness.

Actually, altitude sickness is one of the biggest challenges for Everest Base Camp Trek. Even some trekking companies are making their clients sick on the trail by poisoning food and involving in heli scam. They create health problems and call it altitude sickness and urge the trekkers to rescue them from the mountain so that they can make good money. This kind of news was everywhere previously in international media.

Now, let’s talk about how can we prevent or minimize the risk of Altitude sickness for Everest Base Camp Trek.

Everest Base Camp Trek begins from the elevation 1300m and takes us up to the elevation of 5380m to 5643m. Beginning from Lukla after a short flight, we trek to Everest Base Camp and Kalapatthar via Namche, Tengboche and Lobuche and end the trek at the same point.

There are a few but significant ways to prevent altitude sickness for Everest Base Camp Trek.

Prior to the Trip
Do regular exercises
Regular exercise like walking, jogging, aerobics will help to enhance stamina for trekking in the mountain. Begin these sorts of exercises 4 months prior to your Everest Base Camp Trek. In four months duration, your stamina will completely be strengthened so that you will feel very comfortable while walking in higher elevation.

Do easy and moderate trekking or hiking
You are ascending above 5000m which will be challenging for you. You will know how confident or how many hours can you walk in the mountain if you do some easy or moderate hiking or trekking before venturing on Everest Base Camp Trek. You will also collect some experiences and skills of hiking or trekking in the mountain so that you can prepare well for your upcoming Everest Base Camp Trek.

Pack up the right Trekking Gear
We need to make research on what will be the Everest Base Camp Trek Gear List. Right trekking gear in the right time helps you prevent you altitude sickness. If you lack it, there is a high chance of getting altitudes sickness. For example, if you pack up the reliable sleeping bag for your Everest Base Camp Trek, you can protect yourself from cold which further protects you from cold which may result in fever and headache. So, the proper trekking gear helps you to minimize the risk of altitude sickness.

Find a reliable Trekking Agency
Many trekkers go with the cheaper cost for their Everest Base Camp Trek. But, it is not always good. If a reliable trekking company is featuring Everest Base Camp Trek with a little high cost, you should go with it because a reliable trekking company will primarily focus on service. The A Grade service by a reliable trekking company will please you during your Everest Base Camp Trek. Some trekking companies only look forward to making a profit, as a result, they make their own clients sick in the mountain and rescue them. So, you have to be very watchful about choosing a reliable trekking company for your Everest Base Camp Trek.

On the Trail
Drink plenty of water and hot soups

Drinking of plenty of water and hot soups helps to avoid altitude sickness for your Everest Base Camp Trek. You require drinking at least 4 liters of water each day excluding your hot drinks. In addition, it also requires having hot soups like mushroom soups, garlic soups, ginger soup and pumpkin soup. Having plenty of hot soups and water remarkably help you prevent from Altitude sickness.

Do not drink water from local tap and river
Unsafe drinking water from local tap and river lead you to suffer from altitudes sickness. Some people love to taste the water from the local tap and river which you should never do on the mountain. There may be contaminated water running in the local tap and river. This type of water results various health problems during your Everest Base Camp Trek which finally lead you to altitude sickness. Use only properly boiled or bottled water. 

Do not eat Local Meat
Eating local meat may bring the bad result in your health condition in the mountain. The local meat you are going to have maybe contaminated which lead you to diarrhea and vomiting. So, avoid eating local meat to prevent altitude sickness.

Do not smoke and Do not drink above 5000m
Drinking and smoking at higher elevation may cause altitude sickness. In fact, it is strongly suggested avoiding smoking and drinking in higher elevation especially above 5000m.

Use medicine timely ( if you have any health problem)
If you have some health problems, do not forget using medicine on time. If you skip your medicine, you will lose you stamina and likely to suffer from altitude sickness. And even do not forget to carry the right medicine during Everest Base Camp Trek.

Report your problem to the guide
If you have any health problem on the mountain, report it to your guide immediately so that you can cure it on time. If you try to hide the problem, it will get worse and finally lead us to disaster. Thus, be open and friendly, share your problems with your guide.

If the trekkers consider the above-mentioned ideas or ways prior to and during the trip, they, definitely, will improve their Everest Base Camp Trek a memorable, relaxing and convenient.

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