Kathmandu World Heritage Site Tour

Kathmandu World Heritage Site Tour package provides you the opportunity to explore the historical taste here in Nepal. Moreover, you will be traveling and observing the sites or heritages which are listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site which include Pashupatinath (Pashupath Kshetra), Kathmandu Durbar Square: Hanuman Dhoka Durbar, Bouddhanath Stupa, Swyombhunath Stupa: The Monkey Temple, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Changunarayan temple. This tour combines both the historical and religious feel and adds more emotional satisfaction. This Heritage Tour grants you the outstanding view of art, history, culture, tradition, religion, customs and many more which will always fascinate you and encourage in each and every step of your tour.

World Heritage sites in Kathmandu:

Pashupati Kshetra and Pashupatinath Temple: The Place Of  Religious Faith and Devotion

Pashupatinath is the heavenly and holiest destination for the Hindus. However, it is also more than that for other visitors for observation as Pashupatinath is the one in all combinations of religion, art, and culture which also offer a sense of peace and devotion.

You will also be learning the historical belief of this place as Pashupatinath temple is seems to be the open museum. Moreover, you will be observing the different designs with different styles of temples and also the varieties of many statues and sculptures around the temples.

Swayambhunath Stupa: The Temple of The Religious Harmony

Swayambhunath Stupa is the best destination to explore the religious harmony here in Nepal. It is also named by the exciting name as the Monkey temple because here is the presence of the massive number of monkeys around the temple and in the nearby Buddha park. This temple is a famous and most popular pilgrimage for Buddhists as well as Hindus from all around the world. This stupa is among the most ancient stupa of Kathmandu valley.

This destination is also famous as the best hill station near the Kathmandu valley and you can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the valley, hence it is also listed as the 7 most popular viewpoints near Kathmandu valley. It is even best to live in a peaceful environment there with nature being a little far from the busy city. You can even find the museum there and can explore the history of the temple.

Kathmandu Durbar Square: The Palace Every Ruler Wanted to Own

Kathmandu Durbar Square is situated at the heart of Kathmandu valley and it is also famous by its original name/ initial name:- Hanuman Dhoka Durbar. This has a long history behind its name. Well, this Palace is named after the Monkey God (Hanuman). This palace is very famous for its arts, sculpture, history of Malla kings, culture, traditions, customs of the Newar community.

You even can observe the stunning glory of temples around like Taleju Temple, KalBhairav temple, Jagannath temple and also the statue of Malla king Pratap Malla. Even you will be observing the perfect example of art which is Kastamandap because it is believed that the whole building is made up of the wood of only one tree.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square: The Showcase Presenting Ancient Culture of Kathmandu Valley and Newar People

Bhaktapur is the most ancient city which collects the unique history with religious values, culture, traditions, handicrafts, sculptures, ancient arts and many more for you to experience. It is the largest Durbar Square in Nepal.

Not only the palace here to observe also here are a lot of temples around to explore and visit. Bhaktapur is also famous for traditional food and technique such as tea, coffee, and JuJuDhau; the organic curd mad by Newari Peoples. You even can deal with the local people and can learn their language, arts, culture, tradition, and also can enjoy the festivals of the local community especially the Newari traditions. This destination grants us the great pleasure of peace with the test of tradition and the perfect smell of old history.

The most interesting fact about Bhaktapur Durbar Square is that the Bhaktapur Durbar Square required around 4 century (14th to 18th century). It is not fully completed square, the rulers of the past wanted to expand it more.

Patan Durbar Square: The point of Finest Traditional Nepalese Art  

Patan Durbar Square is also one of the oldest Palace and even the oldest city in the Kathmandu valley but it is known by the name Lalitpur. Actually, this destination has become one of the prime attractions for the visitor in Kathmandu valley which is located 8 km south of the valley. This palace is very famous for its arts, sculpture as it is situated like the open museum which explores the history with the perfect example of culture, traditions and many more.

 Even you can enjoy the beautiful stone works around the entire Durbar Square. Same as others this also displays the perfect Newari architecture with the best learning experience of Malla history and their generation. Krishna temple, Patan Museum, SundariChowk, Golden Temples are the famous place which are also the highlights of Patan Durbar Square.

Changunarayan Temple: The Combination of Finest art and Brilliant Architecture

Changunarayan temple is believed to be the oldest temple of the Kathmandu valley. It is also believed to be built in the 3rd century and this temple is the perfect example of crafting of wood, stone. More important is it covers the history of sixteen hundred years. This Changunarayan temple is the most popular UNESCO world heritage site among the visitors nowadays.

This is also the temple that was dedicated to Lord Vishnu from the period of the Lichhavi dynasty. This is the best destination in which you can live a village life with the peace environment being far from the busy and noisy city. you can explore the best history from the Lichhavi period, culture, tradition, customs and many things followed by the local people.

Bouddhanath Stupa: The place of Peace

Bouddhanath stupa is the oldest and largest Buddhist stupa in the Kathmandu valley and also all over South Asia which was built 2500 years ago in the 5th century. This is also named the little Tibet which also explores the Tibetan lifestyle of the people.

This is like heaven for the Tibetan Buddhists as a herd of people visit this place to worship. You even can join the meditation there and learn here about Buddhism from the Buddhist monks. Whole lot of people visit this place from different parts of the world due to its historical importance.

Kathmandu tour of seven world heritage sites is the best tour package to observe the historic timeline of Nepal in a short period of time. These heritages are the living evidence that had witnessed the histories of Nepal, its greatness and the lifestyles of the peoples. Kathmandu World Heritage Site Tour is the most Popular day activity in Nepal. It’s the best Day Activity because it is the package which show you the histories of the Kingdom of Nepal, time and the every events of Dynasties ruling Nepal , and developments and modernizations of lifestyle, arts, architecture, traditions, cultures and religion of Nepal. As Kathmandu is the center of Nepal’s Histories, Kathmandu World Heritage Sites Tour is one most do things to do in Nepal. You can also do this trip as Luxury Holidays and make luxury tour in Nepal.

Highlights of Kathmandu World Heritage Site Tour

  1. 7 UNESCO World Heritage
  2. Private Luxury Transportation
  3. Professional Local Tour Guide and Private luxury ride
  4. Get in touch with Ancient Heritages, Culture, Civilization and History 
  5. Visit museums with the Collections of Ancient Objects 
  6. Traditional Nepalese Foods and Cuisine
  7. Best Nepalese Cultural Beverages and Drinks
  8. Observation of Traditional Finest Nepalese Arts and Briliant Architectures
  9. Enjoy in Nepalese Festivals, Celbrations and Jatras, etc.

There are many other tour and sightseeing tour packages to observe, explore and study such historical and ancient monuments and heritages of Nepal.   Are the most popular tour packages to know Nepal. If you want to experience Nepal with different ways you can also choose for Trekking in Nepal, Luxury Trekking in Nepal, Luxury Tours in Nepal or other several Day activities too. 



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