Makalu Base Camp Trek

Makalu Base Camp trek takes you to the lap of the world's fifth-highest peak, Makalu (8,485m). Besides this, the trekking trail passes through the less explored remote areas, where you can explore the unique cultural experience. This trek includes the spectacular views of the several giant mountains above 8000m, glaciers, rare wildlife, terraced farmlands, adventurous and quiet trails. 

Makalu trek attracts few enthusiasts because of the remote trekking trail. However, it is worth it for those who want to experience adventure and explore the worth-watching views of nature. The upper region is famous as a camping destination. Apart from this, it is perfect for the experienced high altitude trekkers, who would like to enjoy a challenge and enjoy the rewarding views. Physical fitness along with the trekking requirements are essential requirements for the Makalu trekking adventure. Physical fitness and mental fitness are worth experiencing a wild experience. 

How To Get To Makalu Base Camp From Kathmandu? 

Makalu base camp trek region lies in Eastern Nepal. It generally starts from Chichila rural municipality, Sankhuwasabha, which is about 537km away from Kathmandu. 

By Air

Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu- Tumlingtar, Sankhuwasabha, which takes around 1 hour. 

Drive from Tumlingtar to Chichila, 3-4 hours drive

By Road

Kathmandu-Tumlingtar, by bus, 11-12 hours drive (501.0 km)

Tumlingtar- Chinchilla, 3-4 hours drive

Best Time For Makalu Base Camp Trek? 

The autumn and spring seasons (March-May) are considered the best season for the Makalu Base Camp trek. During these seasons, the weather will be the finest in all regions. Along with this, the temperature at low and mid-altitude zones is perfect. The Spring season is worth exploring the colorful rhododendrons. The clear sky will be worth for-stunning views of the mountains, alongside worth for the beautiful photographs in autumn and spring. Moreover, there will be a low risk of sudden accidents in these seasons. Also, tea houses and lodges will be available easily during these seasons as well.

You can trek in monsoon and winter as well, but more precautions are needed. The rainy season is perfect for natural waters and greeneries. But there will be a high chance of sudden accidents. 

In high altitude regions, the temperature will lower below minus degrees thus will be severe cold in winter. However, the winter is perfect for clear views and stunning snowy peak views. So, you can trek in the group with more precautions. Also, you can easily walk in lower regions during winter. 

Facts About Makalu Base Camp Trek

Total Duration: 21-24 days

On Trek: 15-17 Days

Maximum Altitude: Around 5300 

Type: Strenuous

Trek Hours Per Day: 5-6 hours day

On a challenging day: 6-7 hrs through a craggy trail

Highlights of Makalu Base Camp Trek? 

Unique Culture And Traditions

Staying in the local tea houses and experiencing remote peoples' life and culture would be great learning for the travel enthusiasts. You will get to explore a wide variety of cultures and traditions during this trek. Makalu trek crosses many villages, mainly Rai communities in lower regions, while Sherpa and Bhotia communities of peoples with growing altitude. The upper region's peoples are ethnically Tibetan, thus easy to explore more like Tibetan culture. You cal explore many chortens, prayer flags, stupas, and mani walls during this trek.

The houses in the Makalu region are with unique designs that give you a vibe like you are in a different world. The people mainly lack modern facilities. Also, their livelihood is dependent on forest resources for fuel, feeding animals, fertilizers, housing materials, and medicine. Moreover, visiting locals will be a contribution by you to uplift them economically.  

Off-The-Beaten Trekking Trail

Makalu base camp trek takes you off the beaten trail that has been ventured by limited trekkers. But, despite this, the trekking trail is worth experiencing the adventure and feeling paradise in the natural beauty.

The virgin trekking trail in it is less encroached by human activities, where you can explore many indigenous herbs and shrubs. Moreover, the trek passes through the numerous Himalayan tea houses that offer the unique taste of, where we can enjoy the unique taste of foods and tea. 

Pristine Nature

During the Makalu Base Camp trek, you will cross high altitude variations (generally from 700m to around 5,000m above sea level). Makalu trek, therefore, offers a high climatic and ecosystem variation. This trek passes through the Makalu Barun National Park, which comprises a wild variety of floras and faunas. Also, you will pass through the dense forests and alpine meadows. This place is perfect for bird watching as more than 400 species of birds are found here. You will get to explore about 25 species of rhododendrons and about 47 types of orchid plants. Along with this, you will get to explore rare wildlife like red panda, Himalayan tahr, wild boar, snow leopard, and musk deer.  

Further, the walkthrough nature consisting of the sweet natural smell of flowers and trees, alongside the natural healing sound of wind, hills, streams, and birds, will surely make your journey the best. 

Makalu Base Camp (MBC) Tour

Makalu base camp lies at an altitude of 4,900m/16,076 ft. and is filled with mesmerizing scenery. You can spend a whole day exploring around the Makalu base camp. This region is worth watching the white snowy mountains, granite, hanging glaciers, along with the golden sunrise reflecting the giant mountains. 

For more panoramic views of mountains, you can ascend from MBC to the ridge at around 5,300m. You will walk via rivers and intermediate paths worth watching and taking beautiful photographs. From these viewpoints, you will get to see the splendid views of Mt. Everest, Makalu, Peak 4, Peak 6, and Peak 7. Besides this, the MBC region rewards you with the Chamling, Lhotse, and Kanchenjunga in the far east. 

The round trip around Makalu Base Camp takes around 4-5 hours. It is generally strenuous undertaking the steps around the Makalu Base Camp. However, it is worth it for adventurer lovers.

Detail Itinerary of Makalu Base Camp Trek

Day         Activity                                                                              Duration

Day 1   Welcome to Kathmandu

Day 2    Kathmandu Tour 

Day 3     Kathmandu- Tumlingtar by air, Tumlingtar- Chichila           1 Hour Flight, 3-4 hours 

              (1980 m)  by road                                                                                           drive

Day 4     Chichila-Num(1040m), by trek                                             3-4 hours    

Day 5     Num- Seduwa (1500m), Trek via Arun River                        6-7 hours

Day 6    Seduwa- Tashigaon Danda (2,100m), Trek                            4-5 hours                    

Day 7    Tashigaon- Khongma Danda (3,500m), Trek                          6-7 hours

Day 8     Acclimatization day inKhongma Danda                                  6-7 hours

Day 9     Khongma Danda  - Dobate (3,650m), Trek                             6-7 hours

               via shipton La(4,229m) 

Day 10   Dobate- Yangle Kharka (3,557m), Trek                                   6-7 hours

               via Barun River Upstream 

Day 11     Yangle Kharka- Langmale Kharka (4,410m)                         5-6 hours

Day 12     Acclimatization Day at Langmale Kharka                              6-7 hours

Day13     Langmale Kharka- Sherson( 4,500m)                                    6-7 hours

Day 14    Sherson - Makalu Base Camp( 4,900m)                                4-5 hours

Day 15    Whole Day Makalu Base Camp Exploring                                

Day 16     Makalu Base Camp - Yangle Kharka ( Begin Return Trip)      6-7 hours

Day 17     Yangle Kharka- Dobate, Trek                                                   6-7 hours

Day 18     Dobate- Khongma Danda, Trek                                                5- 6 hours

Day 19    Khongma Danda - Tashigaon , Trek                                          4-5 hours

Day 20    Tashigaon - Seduwa, Trek                                                         6-7 hours

Day 21    Seduwa-Num,Trek                                                                     5-6 hours

Day 22    Drive from Num to Tumlingtar                                                   51 km./31 miles 

Day 23    Fly from Tumlingtar to Kathmandu (Return)                                            

Day 24    Depart Kathmandu                

If you are would like to visit Makalu Base Camp, Nepal, to explore the closest views of fifth as well as other giant mountains in the Nepal, you can contact us. Moreover, this region is also a famous during Makalu Barun national park visit and Kanchenjunga region visit. 

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