Manungkot: Paradise floating above the clouds 

Nepal, on the lap of the Himalayas, is a Paradise, worth visiting at least once in your lifetime.  Nepal lies in the Southern part of Asia,  is a land of Mt. Everest and many more high beautiful mountains, a land of diverse flora and fauna, a land of 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and many more natural sites. Besides this, Nepal is a land of cultural diversities, the birth land of Lord Gautam Buddha, and the land of compassionate humble peoples.
Trekking in the High Himalayan Region,  hiking and excursion around the mountainous regions, tour to different places, parks, and heritage sites, outdoor activities and adventures, etc. are the best things to do in Nepal.
Manungkot Ridge has become one of the top tourist destinations for domestic tourists.

Where is Manungkot/ Manung Danda?

Manung Danda or Manung Ridge is located in Damauli, Tanahun district on the way to Pokhara, Nepal, and at an altitude of around 1000m from sea level. You can reach the Vyas Municipality through the road either from Kathmandu, Chitwan, or Pokhara. It is about 153 Km from Kathmandu and 47 km from Pokhara through Prithivi High Way while about 100km far from Chitwan National Park. 

What would be the best time to visit?

Autumn and Spring season would be the best time to visit to view the spectacular cloud and sunrise views along with splendid landscapes and Stunning mountain vistas. During Autumn, the day will be clear and warm and night will be cooling and pleasant. Nature will be in its maturity. While spring has also clean weather with a clear blue sky. The forest and green vegetation strat to grow buds and flowers in Spring which add more beautiful contrast in the scene and views.

How to reach Manung Kot?

First Of all, you get to reach Damauli (District Headquarter), Tanahun. From Damauli you can go through offroad either on private vehicles or by public vehicles.
Hiking from Damauli (about 10km) takes around 2-3 hours and would be the best to explore the community culture,  and walk in the wilderness to have a good sweat.

What can you look for in Manung Kot?

Breathtaking  Sunrise view and the amazing white cloud lake in the early morning seen from the top of the Malungkot hill makes you feel like you are floating in heaven. Besides this, the spectacular view of the Snow Capped Mountains like Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Manasalu, Mt. Himchuli, etc, and many more small mountains can be seen from the top hills. During the daytime, after the disappearance of clouds, you can see the beautiful view of Damauli city, Seti River, Gunadi, Sage Valley, and other surrounding hills. During the night, you can see the glowing lightning view of Damauli and neighboring valleys. Also, you can explore the Magar culture around the village sides. This place has become the best photographed and Tik Tok video destination. There is a famous small temple on the top.
Night Camping would be the best to see the golden sunrise view and floating cloud view in the early morning. During Night Camping, you can enjoy the barbeque, can sing dance, and can do many more entertainment activities.  Besides camping, homestay is also available here in the surrounding areas. Also, you can enjoy organic foods and local drinks.
Pokhara city, Bandipur, Kushma (For Bungee Jump) are some of the popular tourist destinations near Manungkot hill.

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