Nepal Remove the Mandatory Quarantine for Vaccinated Tourists

The cabinet meeting held on 18th March, including the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation in the presence of the Nepal Tourism Board have agreed to change the health protocols of entering tourists inside Nepal. The cabinet meeting ended with some fantastic news for the travelers and adventure enthusiasts who are desperate to travel and trekking in Nepal. As per the new regulations, the tourists who have been vaccinated against the COVID will be able to travel and participate in all kinds of tourism-related activities after entering Nepal. They don’t have to stay in quarantine and they will get the on-arrival visa in Kathmandu airport as they used to get before the coronavirus. It means the visa process and all the travel guidelines would be normal for the vaccinated tourists.  

This decision from the cabinet has made traveling to Nepal convenient for tourists all around the globe. After removing the mandatory seven days quarantine rule, the authorities have also removed the re-testing of PCR after arriving in Nepal for vaccinated travelers. So, anyone who has already taken two doses of the COVID19 vaccine can directly come to Nepal for any kind of travel and trekking purpose. They can directly resume their travel activity after arriving in Nepal. 

At the same time, non-vaccinated travelers need to bring the negative PCR test which is no older than 72hr from the first point of departure to Nepal. After arriving in Nepal, they have to retake the PCR Test before heading for any kind of travel and trekking-related activities. If the report gets negative, you can continue your journey to the respective destination. In the case of a positive report, you must stay in self-isolation until you will get the negative report. 

The pandemic has badly hit the tourism sector in Nepal and it becomes one of the biggest disasters in the field of tourism and hospitality sector in Nepal as well as in the whole world. However, the effect of the virus is getting in control as compared to before. Though the year 2021 is starting on a hopeful and positive side for the tourism industry, as many foreigners started to come to Nepal and they are enjoying the different trekking, expeditions, and travel-related activities to the fullest.  We hope with this new protocol, most of the tourists would love to resume their Nepal visit plan and this would be good news for the one who is desperately seeking the new adventure and thrill in mountains. For more information and the latest updates regarding the Nepal travel and visa procedures and COVID19 status, feel free to contact us anytime. We are looking forward to welcoming you very soon. 

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