Nepal to Conclude the Lockdown

It is for the long period that Nepal undergone in Lockdown due to the outbreak of the Covid-19/ SARS- COV2 and the pandemic through the Corona Virus Spreading world wide. To control and prevent the Covid-19 spreading, the Government of Nepal had imposed the nationwide lockdown last March 24. After the 120 days of the lockdown, the cabinet meeting held on July 21 decided to end the Lockdown from July 22 with restriction and condition on few activities.

The Government of Nepal had partly relaxed lock-down in the 2nd week of June. With some regulations and health protocol, the activities had started from Mid June. 
The government of Nepal had also decided to resume the domestic and international flights from August 17 (Bhadra 1st). 


The tourism industry is the most affected sector due to the Coronavirus outbreak and the pandemic. The suspension over the Tourist visas, international flight shutdown, and the closedown of the hotels and restaurants for four months has caused big damage to the economic condition of Nepalese tourism. Spring season is the best time for holidays and trekking in Nepal, but the outbreak and pandemic caused to cancel all the trips in the period of the most tourists arriving.

The tourism industry and the enterprises were worried about the condition of the lockdown in the Autumn season too. They were in doubt whether the Lockdown ended for the autumn season or not. However, yesterday 's cabinet meeting and decisions gave little hope to run tourism in the Autumn. As Autumn is the best time to visit Nepal and most trekkers used to trek in Nepal during Autumn, now the tourism enterprises are planning and making strategies to resume the services and facilities.

As per the decision, hotels and restaurants are allowed to resume their operation excluding seminars, parties, and gatherings) from next week- July 30 (Shrawan 15)  while, long and medium transportation are allowed to start their service from August 17 (Bhadra 1st).

The Decision also stated that the travel, tour and trekking companies also operated their activities from Shrawn 15/ July 30. 
The decision of the government has allowed tourism to operate means they all are ready to start booking and reserving the packages and holiday plans. Despite the disappointment of spring, Autumn is coming and you all are welcome to Nepal.

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