Shopping Malls in Kathmandu

Tourists love to stay in Thamel while visiting in Nepal.  In fact, Thamel is the only tourist hub in Kathmandu. The easy access to hotel and restaurants, ATMs, hospitals, shops and monuments is the major reason to the tourist that they choose to stay in Thamel. But tourists do not find such large markets like shopping malls and supermarkets in Thamel. They even do not know whether Kathmandu has shopping malls or not.

Recently, the number of supermarkets and shopping malls  in Kathmandu is rising. The needs of the people of Kathmandu is also rising which cannot be supplied by local shops. Even the people want all required things like electronic appliances, music system, kitchen-wares, branded garments, jewelry, perfume, watches, children toys, fitness equipments and household items under one roof. In fact it is hard to fulfill modern people’s desires by corner shops.

Even these shopping centers in Kathmandu serve you Trekking equipment for your trekking trip and also food stuffs to be carried with you in the mountain. 

Now, let’s see major supermarkets in Kathmandu where people can find the things of their interest in no time.

CTC Mall

 CTC Mall is located at Sundhara in Kahtmandu. It  is one of the largest shopping malls, in the capital. Currently, the mall owns various retail shops. We get both domestic and international brand of stuffs in this mall. It owns one of the largest mobile showrooms in Nepal. Movie lovers find this mall one of the best recreational center in the capital since it owns modern theater, Cine De Café.

Rising Mall

Rising Mall is located at Durbar Marg, closest shopping mall in the capital from Thamel. It is one of the largest shopping malls, in the capital.

The customers will get various entertainment facilities like theaters (Q's Cinemas), a Chinese food court and gaming parlor for children, among others. In the same way, the Chinese Food Court can accommodate 200 people. The modern cozy restaurant offers all the varieties of Chinese cuisine under the same roof. Various retail shops are ready to fulfill the desires of various customers.  Both domestic and international brands of stuffs can be purchased in this shopping mall.

The mall is serving the clients with two elevators, 10 escalators and two stairways a two level of parking lot with capacity to accommodate 175 two-wheelers and 75 four-wheelers.

KL Tower and Multiplex

K.L.Tower is an absolute mall for enterprises development for business growth. It is the mall in the capital for contentment to leisure, variety to shopping, taste to food and beat of fun to entertainment. People of all classes can afford the stuffs of this mall.

 This mall is distinct from other malls in the capital since  it  integrates international standard  TOWER comprising 10.5 stories and roofed by a restaurant with viewing tower to view the  majestic  mountain to the north and beautiful Kahtmandu city . ATM lounges, 6D/8D theater, food court and gaming zone, large department store, conference hall, video and coffee bar are the prominent features of this mall.

Times Square Mall

Times Sqare Mall, basically, targets young and middle-aged people and their desires. The mall owns around thirty shops which fulfill everything a person would want. 

Like Rising Mall, it is situated at the heart of Kathmandu - Durbar Marg – closer to Thamel and therefore allows easy access for all shopaholics. The four storied mall offers every type of store like Spinks, Basic, Ladies Stop, JeansWest, Glam Rush, Make Over, Garage, Retail Therapie, Blossom, Frenz, Square Digital, Options, Baseman, Ncell Shop, and many more which offer the latest products at affordable prices.

Civil Mall

Civil Mall is located at Sundhara nearby by Dharahara, which is now under construction destroyed by earthquake, 2015.  This is a modern mall with all amenities the clients need.

The mall is aided with an extensive security system, power backup, 14 escalators, 2 capsule lifts, 2 elevators and 3 stairways access on each floor.  

The 3G facilities- Great Location, Great Ambiance and Great Amenities at Civil Mall will definitely fulfill the expectations of its customers from all levels by offering something for everyone. 

Kathmandu Mall

Kathmandu Mall is located at the central Kathmandu opposite of Tundikhel. The mall is an easy access from Thamel. It is a 20 minutes’ walk or 15 minutes drive from Thamel. Shangey Fashion World,Charms,Fashion Bags,Converse ,Puma,Boston), Electronics(Motorola,Samsung,Next Generation World) Eating (Ede, Rooftop Restaurant)  are the prominent features of Kathmandu Mall.

United World Trade Centre

United World Trade Centre (UWTC) is located at Tripureswor, Kathmandu. This mall is nearby by CTC mall and Nepal Telecom office.  Dasarath Stadium is opposite to it.  Wide range of clothing, textile, gadgets shops like Monalisa Exclusive Textiles,John Players,Landmark,Converse,Fabulous,Temptation,Bajra & Blay,Life,Glamour,Revive,Shringar,Grasshopper and rooftop restaurants are the prime features of this mall.

People’s Plaza

People's Plaza is located at Khichapokharai, Kathmandu.  It is actually between Newroad Gate and Sundhara.  It is 30 minutes walk from Thamel and 20 minutes drive. It is probably the first mall offering a 'floor wise categorization' of their trendy goods. People view that this plaza is the most reasonably priced, incorporating facilities like official meeting rooms and food courts.

Sherpa Mall

Sherpa Mall is located in Durbar Marg which is close to Thamel. It is 10 minutes walk from central Thamel. The mall fascinates young adult crowd as it offers a good mixture of dining and trendy shopping. This mall is especially popular for fashion.

Bluebird Mall

Bluebird Mall the most authentic and reliable brands of stuffs you are looking for. It has a broad space . It is close to Sherpa Mall in Durbarmarg. It has different branches in the valley.

City Center

City Centre is located in Kamal Pokhari. This mall basically targeted to the family.  This mall is perfectly equipped with air conditioned , CCTV, smoke detector, fire alarm, fire hydrant, sufficient power supply with 24 hours generator backup, lively open space at the exterior with a long footpath fitted with light poles, up- to date toiletries and toiled facilities for handicapped people. The branded clothing and entertainment are the main features of City Center.  The people from this valley go to City Center for Big Movies.

Bhatbhateni Super Store

The head store of Bhatbhateni Superstore is at Naxal, Kathmandu. However, it has its different branches in different places in the valley like Balaju, Kalanki, Chakrapath, Chuchepati and many others. These stores in the valley offer the most fresh, hygienic and organic food stuffs. Similarly, kitchenware, clothing and home appliances are also found in these stores in the valley.

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