Top 5 Benefits of Mountain Flight

Mountain Flight or helicopter tour to the Himalayas is the one best tour in Nepal and also the most popular and famous tour too. It is the best way to indulge in the Himalayas in the luxurious arrangements. Traveling via helicopter and getting the altitude where the land is covered with snow, the air is fragranced and purified with high altitude flowers and lush forest, chilly wind and flowing prayer flag on the Mani walls and over the rivers and the lakes.

What is the easiest way to reach the Everest base camp?

Mountain Flights are the easiest way to reach and address the Himalayas. The lovers of snow, mountains and Himalayas may get in the Himalayan yard without any strenuous and hard walking rough and tough trekking, without risk of any altitude sickness and high colds, you can meet the snowfield just by Helicopter with little more expenses and reach to the height peoples spend weeks to reach, for example a trekkers have to take more than 9 days walking through cold air, dangerous path and high risk of altitude sickness. Just about the flight of an hour you are in the Himalayan area and stepping down off the chopper seats.

If anyone asks: What is the safest way to visit the Himalayas? Or what is the fastest way to visit the Himalayas? We say Mountain flight, mountain flight and mountain flight only and always.

No risk of altitude sickness, extreme cold. No long strenuous walk. No matter for a long week waits to reach the destination. Mountain flight is the quickest, fastest, easiest, and safest way to reach any Himalaya. If you are looking for visiting the Everest region and Everest Base Camp, you can choose either trekking, either trekking + helicopter flight for return or option for an only helicopter flight from Kathmandu to Everest, Kala Patthar. If you choose for Everest Base Camp trek, you have to spend more than 14 days to complete your trip while choosing trekking + Helicopter flight for returns. You will reach to Everest base camp via trekking the rocky path and back to Kathmandu via helicopter and domestic plane. However in Helicopter flight/ mountain flight, you shall be brought to Everest base camp via helicopter from Kathmandu, you have privileged wit enough time to enjoy the wild Himalayan nature and the environments. With lots of memories and pictures framed or captured, the helicopter takes you back to Kathmandu.

Mountain flight has lots of benefits. And the guest or person making the mountain flight is also at a high advantage with lots of merits. With little research and hard work, we dig out some benefits of Mountain Flights. Here are the top 5 benefits of Mountain Flight:

1. The fastest way to reach Everest base camp or any other place in the Himalayas

Helicopter flight is the best option for those who have not enough time. If anyone has a shorter time and wants to leave footsteps in the Himalayas, one can go for helicopter flight. Although Trekking like Everest Base Camp is the best way and ultimate joy to admire Everest and the Himalayan region, the unavailable of enough time makes you compromise with the valuable moments of the trip, so mountain flight is the best option for fastest Everest base camp reaching option.

2. Easiest option

Every person is not able to make a hard walk and strenuous trek, tough ups and downs on slippery lands. On such a condition, what is the easiest way to reach base camp? The answer is Helicopter Flight. You can go for helicopter flight if you don’t want to make difficult walking and trekking.

3. Safest trip

Walking and trekking to the Himalayas is always a risky task and trip. High altitude, unpredictable climates, and weathers, difficulty walking and hard ups and downs all these create a risk of the unsuccessful trek and trip and maybe not safe all time. However Mountain Flights are always the safest trip, sometimes it may be so bad but yeah! It is the safest way. 

4. Luxury Trip

Trekking in Everest and luxury all on the sound impossible! Well, it is right that you can enjoy luxury accommodation while in cities before and after the main trekking, but looking for luxury in the remote and rural highland is little nonsense. So there is no luxury way to visit the yard of Himalayan; No, this is the wrong answer and thought, because only trekking doesn’t allow enjoying luxury but in another way, you can enjoy the luxury likewise luxurious Mountain flight. Yeah, you read correctly Luxury Mountain Flight is one luxurious trip where you have luxury accommodation, luxury flights and luxury travels. You get the chance to admire and soar over the cloud and sketch the Himalayan beauties.

5. Top angle Views

Trekking is one of most views providing trips in the Himalayas. However even reaching the top and the high altitude, trekkers can’t able to get them up-close views of the Himalayas. As in mountain flights, your eyes are as the camera of the flying drone to capture the jaw-dropping and mesmerizing views of mountain ranges. You can see the downland like the Hawk and the Himalayan eagle staring at the downlands.

Hence, Mountain flight is the best thing to do in Nepal. It is the most popular and famous things of tourist visiting Nepal done. Mountain flight is most to do things in Nepal at least once a life.

Mountain flights like Everest Stopover at Kalapattar Helicopter TourEverest Scenic Flight from KathmanduLuxury Everest Base Camp Trek with Helicopter flight from Base Camp to LuklaLuxury Holidays in Nepal with Everest Helicopter tourLuxury short Everest Base Camp Trek with Helicopter flight from Base Camp to Lukla, …. is the best Heli tour packages that the most popular and most famous trip every snow lover wants to do. Mountain flights have lots of benefits and advantages. Easiness, safeness, quickness, beautiful views, splendid and spectacular views of colorful landscapes, hawkeye views, birdlike feeling, low risk, etc are the benefits of the Heli tour.

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