Tours and Sightseeing- Exploring the nation of history and nature

Since Nepal is a naturally and culturally blessed country, it is also home to many attractions catching the eyes of national and international tourists for their valuable vacations and holidays. Nepal, a diverse nation with diverse climate, diverse topography and geography, diverse culture sharing among the natives and of course with diverse communities with diverse tradition and ritual values, is basically underrated destination due to the lack of proper international tourism marketing and unpopular national activities, but it is able to attract around a million tourist every year but this is too low as the probability of tourism in Nepal.
Nepal is better for family tours and of course with friends and relatives too. The environment of Nepal is far suitable for tours. Its diverse nature beholding some of the extraordinary beauties with extreme wildlife is far awesome to visit and explore. The combination of and blend of the nature with hills and mountains with extreme landscape providing vertically blocked background with lust forest with beautiful flowers, human settlement between the landscape with eye-catching looks with cultural and traditional values giving the way for some of the extraordinary structures such as temples, monasteries, forts and Durbars, houses with traditional roofing etc furnished with rich Nepalese arts and skills making the unbelievable stone carvings, wood crafting etc will surely make you vacations and holidays of another level.
Here are some most popular and famous places to visit while in Nepal. It is hard to categorize and rate these places but yah we made this hard work to simplify your willingness to know and desire to finish curiosities.

Kathmandu Valley- Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan
What are your willing and desire to find out in Nepal?
Well, this is a little stressful. While you are in Nepal you have so many things to do and find out. These lots of things are so hard to finish in a short visit. Exploring the Kathmandu Valley requires along going visit period.

Kathmandu is the most history bearing City in Nepal. This historical valley contains some of the most epic and traditional heritages giving information about the rich Nepalese cultures. Most of the Valley peoples are local Newari Peoples. They have vast and large cultural values giving enhancements to different festivals, celebrations, and street festivals. 
Kathmandu Valley is a huge collection of ancient and historical heritages. Thousands of structures having a masterpiece of rich Nepalese arts of carving and crafting are giving life to those stones and woods. Status in stone of ancient Hindu stories and it's mythological believes, carvings on woods figuring the natural and biological structures and some also present the ancient Nepalese stories with carvings of pictures in stones and woods. Taking these all together and decorating with brilliant architectures will mesmerize you and you even don’t believe in your eyes what you are looking for.
Temples, old Durbars and Forts with historical background that built-in centuries back, streets that traditionally designed and full of ancient things and some of the most exciting festivals these alls are so much pretty to explore.
Not only those, but you also have some amazing hill stations around the valley for viewpoints. As Kathmandu valley is fully surrounded with green giant hills, these viewpoints looking towards the great and the almighty Himalayas elite your Nepal visit.
The capital city of Nepal- Kathmandu city also great for your vacations with luxury. You can relax in 5-star hotels, can make meals in some of the finest restaurants, can enjoy your nights in enlightening bars, pubs, and clubs. This city will offer some of the typical Nepalese foods and cuisine that will make you more hungry. Relaxing in the luxurious rooms with astounding views of lightened Kathmandu valley at nights sounds great!

Best places to visit in Kathmandu Valley

Highlights of the area

Pokhara City
Do you know how much Pokhara is beautiful? Why many tourists go there in Pokhara? What attracts them?
Let your question be answered in this in brief.

Pokhara is one most beautiful City in Nepal. This pristine masterpiece land always wanders who admire its beauties. Pokhara is the city of Lakes and Caves. Tucked on the base of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Range, this historically rich town is such an incredible tourist destination offering some of the majestic views of Annapurna and Other giant peaks with Pristine and serene lakes. The city less crowed compared to Kathmandu and giving the finest things to experience. With short hike can get some amazing viewpoints, can visit some historical places fully optimize with brilliant arts and skills, can enjoy the amazing lakeside walking also swimming and boating, can make some visits to holy lakes and caves where you can find out the ancient Nepalese peoples cultures, values, and beliefs. It is fair and cent true to say Pokhara is one most elite destination for every kind of world explorer.

Traditionally Pokhara is the trading point between India and Tibet. This ancient point has so many witnesses of historical and cultural heritages.
Valley fully covered with lust and green forests with extreme wildlife and more wildernesses, pristine land adopting every step with admiration with wonderful views and glimpse, Pokhara is so much an attractive place to visit.

Best Places visit while in Pokhara

  • Fewa Lake
  • Begnas Lake
  • Mahendra cave
  • Chamero/Bat’s cave
  • Gupteswor cave and temple
  • Davi’s fall
  • World Peace Pagoda/ Pokhara Shanti Stupa
  • International Mountaineering museum
  • Sarangkot hill- amazing sunrise views and place for Paragliding
  • Bindabasini Temple etc.
  • It is so nice to visit Pokhara at night at the lakeside. The enlightened city will make you more joyful and happier.
  • You can paraglide to this town. You can also have a great chance of ultralight flight around the great Himalayas.

Highlights of the area

  • Sightseeing and tours
  • Cultural visits
  • Boating and Swimming
  • Biking and cycling trip
  • Visiting historical and holy places
  • Day Hiking and Excursions
  • Visiting viewpoints
  • Lakeside walking at nights
  • Paragliding
  • Ultralight Mountain flight
  • Exploring some holy and popular caves
  • Luxurious accommodation and finest restaurants
  • Nepalese and International foods etc

Chitwan & Chitwan National Park
Chitwan is known as the Heart of the forest. Lying at the basin of two major and giant hill ranges- Mahabharat and Siwalik, foothills of the Himalaya, Chitwan is a traditional trading route and point of Nepal and India. This is one of the oldest and largest towns in Nepal. This is the home of varieties of wildlife animals and species some of which are rare and endangered.

Narayani River-one of the large river in Nepal split the Chitwan. Chitwan is a popular and famous destination for thousands of foreign tourists. It is also equally famous for some pilgrim trip.
So, what are the things that attracting the tourist?- is its wilderness and beauties which make Chitwan like a bride ready for marriage. Although it is a tropical place, it's natural green and eco-environment make it so much cool to hang out around the town.
Chitwan National park- World Heritage site as described by UNESCO
Chitwan National Park is established in 1973 as Nepal’s first National park and listed and UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1984. It is the home for endangered animals and species. It also contains some of the rare animals, butterflies and plants and herbs. It is the most visited national park providing one of the most elite experience. This park covers and touches 4 district means more wilderness and more diverse environment and culture.
About 70% of the park I covered with Sal Tree. Many other trees of beleric (Terminalia bellirica), rosewood (Dalbergia sissoo), axlewood (Anogeissus latifolia), elephant apple (Dillenia indica), grey downy balsam (Garuga pinnata) and creepers such as Bauhinia vahlii and Spatholobus parviflorus, etc.
There are so many butterflies, moths, and insects. From deadliest King Cobra and Rock Python to roller of the river Mugger Crocodiles, it is wide in range for faunal varieties. It is last home for endangered Bengal tigers, red-spotted tigers, clouded leopard, one horn rhinos and many other animals such as Asian Elephant, musk and deer, golden jackals, fishing cats, jungle cats, leopard cats, bears, and so many other animals make this jungle wilder. There are many species of birds too and some of them are seasonal migrants, some rare and some are endangered.

It’s not wrong to say that Chitwan tour is Nepal’s most and best Destination for exploring natural diversity. It is best for a natural tour and best for the nature lover. Its wild range of natural diversity proves how versatile Nepal is in natural blessing.

Best Place to visit In Chitwan

  • Rapti River, Narayani River, and Bridge
  • Beeshazar lake
  • UparDanghari Fort, kasara Durbar Diyalo Bangala Palace, and many other durbars and forts
  • Parsa National Park
  • Narayangarh Bazaar
  • Sauraha and Bharatpur
  • Valmiki National park
  • Rani Pokhari
  • Jalbire water Fall
  • Chiraichuli Hill
  • Darechok and Chandi Bhanjyang
  • Meghauli, Madi, Bhandara, Padampur, Jagatpur, Pithuwa, Ratnanagar, etc.

The highlight of the area

  • Jungle safari- walking, Jeep or elephant
  • Tharu Cultural Museum and Program
  • Nepalese Typical Tharu cuisines and other famous international Foods
  • Animal watching and looking from close
  • Elephant Breeding center and Elephant Bathing
  • Visiting fun park
  • Exploring and visit Bishazari Tal
  • Tent camping and camp firing
  • Visiting pilgrim temples and sacred places
  • Devghat Dham visit and finding Salikgram- Holy Stone for Hindu and Buddhist
  • Jungle sunset camping
  • Luxurious accommodations and the finest restaurants
  • Pubs, clubs, and disco for hanging out at night, etc.

Lumbini is another popular destination for international travelers visiting Nepal. This is most pilgrim place for Buddhists from all over the world. The pristine land fully peaceful and blessed with the light of Lord Buddha, Lumbini makes everyone fresh and relaxed from physical to mental and soul too. This spiritual land has so many attractions catching the eyes of every tourist either prayers or explorer.
Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha and home where he grew up and kingdom that his family ruled. Lumbini is now UNESCO World Heritage sites containing some ancient valuable things.
Its natural beauties are more mesmerizing with surrounding Stupas and Gumbas or monasteries built by many countries as on the name of Lord Buddha and for world peace.
The holy site of Lumbini has ruins of ancient monasteries, sacred Bodhi Tree, ancient bathing pond, The Ashokan Pillar, and Mayadevi temple, etc. this holy place is best for relaxing and meditation.

Best places to visit in Lumbini

  • Lumbini Crane Sanctuary
  • Eternal Peace flame- Biswa Shanti Deep
  • Lumbini International Research Institute
  • Bodhi tree
  • Mayadevi temple and Pond
  • Ashoka Pillar
  • World peace Pagoda or Lumbini Shanti Stupa
  • Lumbini Museum
  • Royal Thai Buddhist Monastery
  • Dharma Swami Maharaja Buddha Vihar
  • Sri Lankan Monastery
  • Cambodian Monastery
  • Myanmar Golden Temple
  • China Temple-Zhong Hua Chinese Buddhist Monastery
  • Korean Temple- Dae Sung Shakya
  • Tilaurakot
  • Lumbini mosaic Site etc

The highlight of the Area

  • Holy walk and peace praying
  • Meditation and yoga
  • Cultural exploration
  • Visiting Monasteries and experiencing mesmerizing beauties of those
  • Ashoka Pillar and ancient writing at the pillar
  • Visiting birthplace of Lord Buddha
  • Seven-Step of Lord Buddha immediate after his birth in Mayadevi Temple
  • Deluxe accommodation and restaurant with famous Nepalese and international cuisines. ETC

There are so many other destinations providing such a great vacation. Bardia National Park, Muktinath, Bandipur, Elam- famous for Tea Garden producing best quality teas, Suklafat wildlife reservation, Koshi Toppu, Dolakha and Charikot, Rara and Mugu, etc. they are little less popular places but have equally amazing things with wilder entertainment and joy.

Nepal is fully touristic with a natural and cultural blessing. Its mind-blowing history will shake your body. Breathtaking views of Himalayas are viewed from every hilly part of Nepal. The forest, natural foundation, and beauties make up Nepal more awesome. This versatile nation will provide elite journey and trip all on the way. Kind and lovely peoples with kind heart, their typical culture, traditions and practices, traditional costumes and dresses, traditional dancing style, Nepalese festivals and celebration styles, their values and believes, Nepalese holy places and sacred lands, pilgrim temples and monasteries, serene and shrine places, its traditional arts, and architectures, with brilliant skill of carving, crafting and sculpting all makes beautiful Nepal tour more awesome. As Nepal is a Himalayan country, it is the most fantastic place for spending your valuable vacation with your friend, relatives, and families, close mates and college mates. Nepal will wander every single individual and adopt them and admire its fantasy.
Its Nepal’s Paradox that it is not so popular and on the choice of many visitors. Despite its unbelievable attractions, it is not making Nepal as the best destination as could be. Nepal has so many probabilities to develop the tourism industry in Nepal as an ultimate tourist destination for every individual.
Nepal and Nepal Government recently start fest to promote tourism- Visit Nepal 2020- it is a master plan arranged for making Nepal great again. We are supporting this national fest with our full effort and energy. Please join us and be a part of this program.

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