Training for Everest Base Camp Trek

Thousands of trekkers visit Everest Base Camp and do a lot of research on it. Even the people of different ages and the level of physical fitness trek to Everest Base Camp. However, these common questions, ‘how difficult is Everest Base Camp Trek and How do I prepare for it?’ are still unsolved.  Or properly not answered yet.

Some people think Everest Base Camp Trek is full of adventure since they are trekking to the world highest mountain base camp. But those who have already been there find it sometimes easy-moderate. And even some comment, ‘Never challenging’. Then the question arises, how difficult is the trek? Simply defining the level of difficulty of Everest Base Camp Trek is moderate-challenging.

But do not take it an easy task and also do not make it like only an athlete can do it. Have positive attitude and build up confidence and also have some trekking and hiking skills; you can make your Everest Base Camp Trek successful and memorable at the same time.

Everest Base Camp Trek begins from Lukla town after a short flight of 30 minutes from Kahtmandu airport. We gradually ascend the elevation and get to Kalapatthar (5545m) and Everest Base Camp (5364m). The total distance we walk from Lukla to Everest Base Camp to Lukla is 120km. The average distance we cover every day is around 8-10 km. So, you see, it is not like Everest Marathon made by athletes to win the trophy.

We spend total 13 days for Everest Base Camp from Lukla to Everest Base Camp to Lukla. It takes 8 days to go up and 3 days to descend and 2 days for acclimatization in order to adjust ourselves to new gained elevation. We walk 5-8 hours every day. This working hour includes lunch break and some other tiny snack breaks on the trail. We also spend plenty of time to enjoy incredible mountain views and landscapes.  We gain 300-400m elevation every day.  So, slow and steady pacing will be the wonderful way to make your Everest Base Camp Trek a successful avoiding possible altitude sickness.

We do not really encounter with any technical trails on the way to Everest Base Camp from Lukla via Namche Bazaar.  From Monjo after Phakding, we get into Sagarmatha National Park and enjoy the shady and cool trails among diverse species of vegetations including lush rhododendron. While getting closer to Namche Bazar , the trail relatively turns to be challenging. But do not take it as such tough.

As we pass Namche Bazaar, the trail gains wide space in Khumbu region. There is no threat of icefall and avalanches in Everest Base Camp Trek. Even in the winter, we can do Everest Base Camp Trek comfortably if there is no heavy snowfall.

Preparing for the trek

Do not be overwhelmed and also do not underestimate for Everest Base Camp Trek. Getting physically and mentally ready will help you a lot to make your trek memorable. You always need to go to the doctor before making any kind of trekking in the Himalayas. Discover you physical and mental stamina prior to the trekking. Also do research on ‘How to avoid altitude sickness in Everest Base Camp Trek.’

Get your boots and give it a comfortable shape prior to the trekking.  Hit the local trails hard with your hiking or trekking boots. Make sure that you will feel comfortable with the boots you are going to use during your Everest Base Camp Trek.  If you do not do so, you may have problem with boots and sometimes cannot put on warm socks and need to squeeze your toes which will turn your entire trek something like nasty and unpleasant. So, you need to give a good shape to your hiking boots.  

If you really do not feel comfortable with your trekking boots, you can return it and take comfortable one.

Second best way to prepare for the trek is carrying backpack and hike for hours.  For this, you can use your local trails. Gain and lose elevation during your practice for hiking. This hiking will really help you to discover and enhance tour stamina.  Better do it on rough and steep hills so that you can have the real experience of elevation lose and gain. Also, you will learn how to deal with wilderness.

Important: Do not dare to be part of Everest Base Camp Trek if you have serious health issues like lungs and cardiovuscular problems. 


We require to train with some skills so that we can fit to resist wilderness and altitude sickness during our Everest Base Camp Trek. Do the following things as to train for your trekking.


Hike in the rough and tough mountain trail. Hiking is the only best way to train you for Everest Base Camp Trek. You can use your local topography for hiking. Extend your hiking hours day by day. Do hard work by pushing the hiking hours. Struggle and resist the wild nature into the core wilderness with your hiking boots and backpack.

Get such stamina for hiking for at least 5-6 hours with some tiny breaks. Then, you are ready to embark on Everest Base Camp Trekking trail.

Cardio Training

Cardio trainings like jogging, swimming, walking and cycling train you well how to adopt higher elevation where there is less amount of oxygen. You body learn how function with less oxygen. So, it is very important to train your body with these aerobics as training for Everest Base Camp Trek.

You can simply do all these cardio trainings at home at least 2-3 times a week.  Train yourself until you are tired.

Strength Training

Walking steep hills and climbing stairs help you to build up your strength. If you really cannot go outdoors for hiking and speed walking you can take help from a treadmill and stair machine. These machines also will help you tremendously.  Have a balanced nutrition and enhance your stamina, then, you will have an incredible Everest Base Camp Trek ahead.

Putting it all Together

Do not panic with how to train for Everest Base Camp Trek. Simply, get out for hiking, consult with doctor,  enhance your stamina, do aerobics, shape your hiking boots and practice elevation gain and lose prior to the trekking  and make your  trek fabulous. While hiking in the hills or mountain for prior training, do not forget to use the backpack and hiking boots that you are going to use for your Everest Base Camp Trek.

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