Trekking in Nepal in March, Best way to explore the Spring Season of Nepal

The snowy peaks of the great mountain range, rushing rivers, distinctive terrain, and exotic wildlife with great blessings of nature make Nepal the paradise destination for the adventure seeker. The home of the mountain country is a mystical place with rugged snow-capped mountains, pristine nature, rich biodiversity, stunning landscapes, and diverse culture as well as religions of the country. Spring is the biggest trekking season in Nepal which falls in March and lasts until May. It is the second busiest time of the year to trek in Nepal, normally in the Everest Region and Annapurna Region. Usually, the days in the spring season are long, the temperature is warm and hot during the daytime, mostly clean and clear sky, the trails up to the three-line are a breeze with colorful rhododendrons and other varieties of flowers. Normally, high mountain expeditions and peak climbing are done in the spring season in Nepal. 

Spring season offers diverse species of wildflowers blooming above 2,000m and especially the incredible view of Rhododendron flower along with Orchid and Magnolia are the most attractive parts of the Spring trekking in Nepal. During March (in Spring), parts of the trekking trails, especially the Annapurna Region and Kanchenjunga Region will turn to be a beautiful garden of wildflowers that certainly captures your attention while trekking there. Besides this, there are few festivals that fall in the Spring season in Nepal, such as Holi (Color Festival), Shivaratri, Buddha Jayanti which add more flavor to your spring trekking in Nepal. 

Highlights of Trekking in March (Spring Trek)

Blooming Rhododendron and Numerous Wild Flowers 

The best part of Trekking in March and one special thing is the blooming Rhododendrons trees and other wildflowers in the alpine forest of the mountain region. In March every type and species of Rhododendron bloom; some with redbuds and some with white, yellow or pink, or any others. When they start to bloom in March, the whole forest will be more beautiful and you can easily identify which one or which trees are the Rhododendrons. Nepal has more than 32 species of rhododendron flowers blossom in the mountain region which is unique in their sizes and diverse in colors. 

More about Rhododendron Flowers

Rhododendron is an evergreen woody tree. Large species are found around the world especially in Asia. The hills and Himalayan areas of the Indian Subcontinent are full of this evergreen woody plant. The trees of Rhododendrons grow up in sloppy steep. These trees bloom in the early spring; from Mid February and flowers stay for almost more than a month. The whole tree is covered with flowers when they maturely bloom. Remember one thing that Red Rhododendron is the National Flower of Nepal. And Nepalese Peoples also honorably respect Rhododendron trees and flowers. Rhododendron and its flowers are also variously used as medicine and people also value it as one important herb. The woods of Rhododendron are also used to craft barrels and many other woody pots.

Clear Sky and Warmer Days

During the starting of the spring season where the temperature gradually starts to increase. The pleasant weather and clear climate make the journey in any way elsewhere so wonderful. The end of winter also stops the heavy snowfalls and unclear and unpredictable climate changes. Peoples trekking in March found white hills and mountains rising top above the beautiful and lush green alpine forest and vegetation presenting beautiful landscapes. During the spring season, the temperature is mildly warm at lower altitudes and quite a moderate temperature at higher altitudes over 4,000m, which provides spectacular and stunning views of snowy mountains. The days are mostly clear and fine, while sometimes there might be clouds around lunchtime or in the afternoon, which is also a great time for reading books and cherishing the mountain's climate. Sometimes when you begin to worry about the next day’s weather, the evening turns magically clear and clean. 

Colorful Forest and Blooming Trails 

During March, the trees and the plants get their new buds and start to bloom to show an authentic essence of nature. Most of the off-the-beaten trekking trails look outstanding scenery with green vegetation in the pasture and grassland, amazing lush green alpine forest with their colorful new buds and flowers, and clean and clear sky on a pleasant sunny day with blue sky. The leaf of the many plants covered your trekking trail sometimes and it shows the beginning of new greenery in nature. 

Staggering Mountains View

After long and heavy snowfalls during winter, the falls stop with the arrival of spring. The rocky Himalayan peaks are dressed and covered with white snows and giant mountains provide the majestic experience in your spring trekking in Nepal. The clear weather, clean sky dominate all the tiredness and hard walking when you see panoramic views of the stunning world’s highest mountains from the foothills. 

Low Risk of Unfortunate Incidents 

Many trekkers and climbers have been passing away every year due to their bad timing for such mountaineering activities. But March is often recognized as the best and low risky time for any mountaineering activities such as trekking, expeditions, and peak climbing. During March neither any snowfalls nor any heavy rains. There is one thing and that is the pleasant weather on a sunny day and clear blue sky. There are low risks of any floods, landslides, storms, snowfalls, avalanches, or any other unpredictable disaster. The climate is also quite predictable and assumable. In general, the month of March in the spring season is the best time to trek in the high mountains in Nepal. As all those 4 months are trekking in Nepal at the best Time, March is more special with one special thing; the blooming Rhododendron trees and their forests. If you are looking for any Trekking in Nepal this spring and especially in March then hurry up and just catch this special trekking time. Contact us for handsome packages and discounts in Nepal trekking and tours. 

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