Why Everest Base Camp Trek with Luxury

Everest Basecamp Trek is the best trekking route in Nepal leading the trekkers to the base camp of the world’s tallest peak. Everest Base Camp trek is not only a trek, it is a dream of every trekker, and it is the place everyone wants to step in. Everest base camp trekking is not just walking along; it is the walk to explore the Himalayan nature, culture and Himalayan lifestyle with amazing beauties of nature.

Everest Base Camp Trekking is the best way to admire the Himalayan beauties, its extremeness, Himalayan livelihood, and the culture of the Himalayas.

Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the best trekking to explore the Himalayan and Everest Region. Everest Base Camp is the route full of rugged, rough and tough trails. This route takes you to the extreme rocky ascents and descents. The elevation is another thing making the trek to Everest Base Camp more challenging, tougher and riskier. Guests and clients don’t want to compromise their comfort level over the price and money; they always look around for luxury trips. So making the trip to Everest Base Camp as a luxury trekking is a greater idea to complete your dream holiday in the Himalayan atmosphere.  

Is it possible to make Everest Base camp Luxury Trek?

Yes, of course! Making the luxurious Everest Base Camp Trek is possible with the expert team of Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. LHN has Excellency in crafting the luxury packages.

Many tourists and guests doubt how the trekking to remote Everest region is luxurious. LHN has a better alliance with hotels and guest houses of the remote area and despite the remoteness, it is possible to provide you luxury accommodation, luxury transportations, and many other luxury matters.

We arrange 5-star accommodations in Kathmandu, we arrange luxury vehicle for your Kathmandu transportation, we arrange flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, we provide private guide to assist you, and we give you the luxury stay in the route.

Luxury Trip means not just luxury hotels and luxury vehicles, it is as you define. Luxury treks become really luxury when you get luxurious accommodation, luxury transportations, healthy and hygienic delicious foods and beverages, private guides and porters to assist and guide you independency of traveling with safety, secure trip with freedom of expression and many other luxury matters.

Is luxury Everest base camp expensive?

It is natural and normal Luxury Trips being a little expensive compared to other normal packages. There little higher price for Luxury Packages. This little additional price will provide you lots of additional services and facilities above the normal packages. You have not to worry about your luxury or comfort level you are surrounded with luxurious things.

Can I have mountain flight in Luxury Everest base camp trek?

The luxury Everest Base Camp trek covers the Ktm- Lukla- Ktm flight. The itinerary of the package doesn’t include either mountain flight tours or any helicopter flight. There are few other luxury packages which include helicopter tours or mountain flights.

If you want to alter the itinerary and desire to make helicopter flight from or to Lukla and Everest Base Camp, LHN will make sure with additional applicable charges;Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek with Helicopter flight from Base Camp to LuklaLuxury Holidays in Nepal with Everest Helicopter tourLuxury short Everest Base Camp Trek with Helicopter flight from Base Camp to Lukla, are the best packages of mountain flights and helicopter tours.

Which is better, Everest Basecamp Trek or Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek?

Whether whichever package you choose, both take you to the same destination and same trails, the only difference is the hotels and guest house you stay. In normal cases, you may need to make little adjustment but in a luxury package, you don’t need to adjust.

If you want to feel the real life of the Everest Region from the ground level and like to interact with them making Basic Everest Base Camp Trek is better but you want to more secure, more space and more time with the views with services and facilities as you want, selecting Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek is better option.


Everest Base Camp Trek or EBC Trek is the best trek in the Himalayas and it is also the best trek in Nepal too. This best classical trek is the dreams of every trekker who like to make the real thrill and adventure of life. Making Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek is another great idea to appear the height of your dream and makes lifetime memories.

Luxury Holidays Nepal is one of the most recommended trekking agencies for the Excellency of crafting packages for Luxury Tour in Nepal, and Luxury Trek in NepalLuxury Everest Base Camp TrekLuxury Everest Base Camp Trek with Helicopter flight from Base Camp to LuklaLuxury Everest View Trek, etc. are the most selling popular luxury trekking packages of Luxury Holidays Nepal.

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