About Our Travel Agency (Best Travel Agency in Nepal)
We, Luxury Holidays Nepal craft dream vacations to the most extreme, exotic, exciting and rejuvenating places. We are not simply ‘Trekking or Travel Agent’ and our guests are those who don’t want to simply go on vacation. They are more adventure seekers and thrill-seekers, we are the expert trip organizer helping them get on their dream vacation. They desire and seek the authentic experience, want a more extreme path and trail with more exploration and look for a travel company that will do all of this, plus provide value and quality journey for money. It is our duty to fulfill all your needs and desire. 
I. How We Work With You
 Luxury Holidays Nepal has a number of elite vacation packages for different travel styles, destinations, times and moods. We match the best holiday plan which best fits your needs and style. 
We are young trekking and tour operating agency that began in 2014 with a vision to help tourists and trekkers experience real Nepal through the eyes of the locals. With more and distinct visions, we want to support Nepalese tourism and industry.
Now we also deliver those kinds of explorations of India, Bhutan, and Tibet. We tap our personal passion for trekking and tours and handcraft the journeys that our clients and guest never forget.
People often ask us where our favorite vacation destination is. And we simply answer always the same answer that it depends on your hopes and expectation to get out of that vacation. From the beginning of creating the number of journeys of the travelers, each and every trip is more unique and not the same as our guests. 
Unlike most traditional trip managers, we don’t make any difference to our guests. 
We personally appear to the destinations, collect information and highlights of the trip, come back and offer that trip and give you first-hand insider knowledge like no one else.
As soon as you are ready, contact us for more details by filling out the profile and connecting with our client handlers for much information. If you have already done this process, congratulation you are one step up. 
The more information you give us, the quicker we can arrange your trip as more as to what you are looking for. 
We are further in connection for knowing you and your personal goals for this trip 
You have a choice to be involved in planning the trip.
Ask us any questions you like.
After your first encounter with us, we will leave you an email(s) with the details, ideas and initial suggestions about your upcoming journey that we noted. 
It is then time to officially start the process. 
We spend the time researching, checking availability, schedules and arrangements making sure within the parameters you have set forth for the trip. 
As you are ready, we will process booking the trips with a few deposits in advance. We will book the hotels and tours first to make you have a place for your accommodation.
A few weeks prior to your departure we start finessing your details, refining, and adding information where needed. From time to time we will connect with you before the trip date come.
You will have proper contact with our representatives who are there to assist in anything and time you need and provide peace of mind in a stress-free trip.
II. The Basics
Our Company was founded in 2016 by Shishir Banjara, Native Nepali, Luxury Holidays Nepal-LHN is a premier trekking and tour operating agency staffed with well-respected experts, well educated and efficient employees. They have proper knowledge about Cultures, history, and locales of this magnificent corner of the world. We started as a trekking agency dealing with only trekking activities in Nepal but have continued to add more destinations and more things to do not only in Nepal but also in other South Asian and Himalayan countries. Now we also have some luxury trekking and tours operation in different destinations. 
LHN and its team have worked very hard every single day to earn and maintain a reputation in the trekking and luxurious trip industry. Our team always cares for and makes sure that each and every guest linked and with us has an elite experience of a lifetime.
Making the perfect and complete trip and vacation experience is an art that the LHN and the team have perfected and it is things that simply can’t be remade from a magazine or a website.
What does make us different from traditional travel agencies?
Actually, we offer a unique experience based on our own visits to the land of Nepal and our other fabulous travel destinations and locations several times throughout the years we making the trips with the research of locales, cultures, and histories. Luxury Holidays Nepal only operates those trips and luxury travels which are rich in cultures and traditions, facilitated accommodations and foods, exclusive adventurous all with kind experience. Our channel of communication will be available to all travelers every time supports with a kind helping nature. 
With LHN, each and every moment of your holidays and vacations will be unimaginably fitted with your personal interests, your travel schedule, your energy level, and your travel preferences. 
III. We Are “More Than a Travel Agent”
It is nice to get a compliment from our client. We better understand that while you are traveling with the agencies or any guide, you want someone having proper and insider knowledge which everyone can’t find so simply such searching internets and studying articles. 
You connecting with Luxury Holidays Nepal means sharing your vacations with such an excellent guide and team who makes this whole journey fun, informative and educational, you will learn everything you need, but surely you must have the ability to remember those all information. We provide you with such an experience through the eyes of locals who witnessed everything of the locations, have a knowledge of the historical backgrounds and acknowledged the challenges of the set. We Luxury Holidays Nepal are those who you call when you need an unbelievable holiday that will make your friends and relatives jealous.
IV. Our Business Model
We work genuinely and with passion. There is nothing to hide here about our working style. 
We have proper communication with luxury hotels and star restaurants, resorts to visit, guest houses and teahouses in remote areas, and most we have our own guides linked with us prom different locations where we operate our trips and holidays for providing you the eyes of locals. Our relations with those several service providers make us more different than others. There is no space for doubting about the complications arising from the trip. 
Let me simple brief you. If you have to do Everest Base Camp Trek without any trip providers, then you have to deal with your visa and flight affairs, after reaching Nepal have to book the hotel and there is no surety of availability, you can’t simply find a find restaurant for your pleasure, searching professional guide and porters booking domestic flights, accommodations, and foods in route, etc. These alls are made more stress rather than fun and enjoyment your vacation. But, simply we deal with those matters of hotels to the guesthouse, flights to drives, foods to accommodations, guides to porters, care to cure and mostly we assure you for your peaceful and secure trip without any violence. We perform to make your trip stress-free and joyful within your prescribed time and budget.
V. What We’re Not
We are not such a kind of tour and travel operator who demands small and small fees for each transaction. We do charge a small operating charge which covers most of your trip transactions. There may some point it is necessary to charge for fees that are not included in the packages. 
Unlike many others, we prefer the best season for your best vacation. Our team always gives updates on everything that you want to know. We just request for giving tips (Bonus for individuals) to only those who really make you happy or help you. There is no compulsory course for giving huge tips and donating large money. 
Most of the tour and trek operators hide or move out from communication in some difficulties. But LHN and the Team will help you, support you and give you alternative solutions if there is no way to solve the situation. 
VI. Giving Back
Mr. Banjara and the entire Luxury Holiday team are passionate about meeting people and exploring this wonderful world. Many of our clients and guests are in touch with us and became best friends. We reach the places and locations which need our help and support. It is our duty to give something back that makes us happier. 
Why not support the place where we explore and get amazing moments of life?
We support eco-tourism and friendly tours. Locations we explore don’t want our wastes and garbage, so we make work to do as possible as a clean and healthy tour. We don’t harm the nature and environment that we visit.

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