COVID-19 Update

After the outbreak of Novel CoronaVirus( Sars-Cov2, Covid-19), travel around the world become more comprehensive and more risker due to the infection and serious health issues. Many travel plans and trips are canceled or postponed. The tourism and Hospitality industries suffer more and are seriously damaged by the economic and financial crises. Even the Lockdowns and travel restrictions cause more harm to entire tourism industries. Travelers around the world are now threaded to travel. 
Despite the infection, many countries have resumed travel and tourism by following the standards of procedures and health and safety protocols. Nepal is one of the most suffered countries of the Corona Virus, which cause economic and financial crisis especially in tourism, hospitality, and airlines industry. To resume the tourism and comes to the normal business environment, the Department of Tourism, Department of Immigration and Civil Aviation under the Government of Nepal has resumed the flights by following the health and safety protocols and standard of Procedures
Luxury Holidays Nepal has also set up its Health and safety protocol and standard of trip operation procedure. Luxury Holidays Nepal wants to make it the travelers possible to explore the world more freely and easier with full health safety. It has provided training to the Guides, Porters, Drivers, and staff to make every trip and journey safe, secure, and healthy without any compromise in services, facilities, and experience. We like to allow travelers to appear to the best places for an outstanding trip experience and all with health and safety. 
The Health and Safety measure is implied and standards of procedures prescribed by the Nepal Tourism Board are followed. It has also provided the guidelines and protocol to the Guides, Drivers, and porters to make the travel safe, secure, entertaining, and funny as well.

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