Day Activities

Upon your arrival in Nepal for various reasons it might be trekking, mountaineering, biking, cultural tours, spiritual tours or any objectives you came on looking for you might conclude those activities earlier than expected and may have free or spare time to spend. Looking after that to make your valuable time more fruitful and worthy. These activities are highly appreciated by many because in a short period of time you get to experience many aspects of the country in terms of culture, religion, and tradition. In short, you get to experience the diverse natural beauty and the lifestyle of Nepalese people. 

The day activities are designed especially in the nearby locations of the capital of the tourist's hub where they get to enjoy every bit of it without delaying their original plans and schedules. The activities are done within a day, mostly via hike or treks or even with the help of a helicopter. The short and sweet destinations are applicable to day activities. These activities include hiking near the valleys which can be considered as pre trekking rituals.  

Day Activities in Nepal 

UNESCO heritage tour in Kathmandu Valley 

Kathmandu valley has four of the most important UNESCO heritage sites which are culturally and religiously very significant. The world heritage sites are Pashupatinath, Boudhnath, Changunarayan, Kathmandu-Bhaktapur-Patan durbar squares respectively. These tours are achievable via motor or Helicopter tours. These sites are religiously very important to the Hindus and Buddhist communities of Nepal. You can experience a different story of human cremation in Pashupatinath, the peace you find in Boudhanath, and observe the ancient architectures on the durbar squares of Kathmandu Valley.  

Pokhara Sightseeing Tour 

A tourist hub of Nepal, Pokhara is the most popular destination due to its unique geography where you can find numerous water lakes with the most prominent views of mountains. Pokhara resides just under the lap of Annapurna massif, which makes Pokhara a perfect viewpoint to the Annapurna range. Pokhara is also known as the city of lakes with more than ten lakes altogether some of the popular lakes in the city are Phewa, Begnas, Rupa, Khaste, Dipang, Maidi, Gude, Nureni, Kashyap, and Kamal. You can experience boating and kayaking in these amazing freshwater lakes. 

Hiking near Kathmandu Valley 

Kathmandu is surrounded by more than 20 hill stations from which the view of the capital of Nepal is spectacular. To get to those hill stations to observe the amazing views of Kathmandu you must hike up for four to five hours which makes hiking around the Kathmandu valley a perfect day activity. In this hike, you can experience the local culture, the local food, and experience the daily lifestyle of the Nepalese people. Some of the popular hill stations around the valley where you can hike up are Chovar, Nagarkot, Dhulikhel, Kakani, Shivapuri, Daman, Bandipur, Godavari. 


A very popular adventure sport in Nepal, ziplining can be your perfect day activity. The zipline can be done in a day and is available very near to the capital of Kathmandu. It takes only one hour to drive to the nearest zipline spot via motor. Also, you can do a zipline in Chandragiri where it's accessible via cable car and is only half an hour away through the motorway followed by ten minutes cable car ride. No matter the location, ziplining is a perfect adventurous sport to experience within a day. 

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