Dental Health Camp program

As a Responsible tourism believer, Luxury Holidays Nepal complies with the principles of sustainable and responsible tourism. Luxury Holidays Nepal (LHN) has been organizing several community support programs. Sometimes in the backward communities and sometimes in the remote area, Luxury Holidays Nepal has organized health campaigns to facilitate the peoples who don’t afford the high bills of Hospitals or visiting hospitals is a little hard for them.
Among the several health camps, the Dental health camp is one of our best campaigns. Through such dental campaigns, Luxury Holidays Nepal has successfully made people happier. Luxury Holidays Nepal feels so happy when peoples feel relief from their long irritating dental issues and problems. Luxury Holidays Nepal organizes such dental health camps in backward remote areas where hospitals are not available. We have organized several health campaigns and also commit to organizing more campaigns in the future.
Here are some images of our previous Dental Health Camp. Our effort was colorized with the bits of help and supports from dentists and volunteers. So special thanks to all the supporters and volunteers who were with us to achieve that happiness.


A better life starts with a beautiful smile. The smile of the people with whom we meet is the reason for our Happiness. And Luxury Holidays Nepal wants to give the peoples reason to smile. Luxury Holidays Nepal and its team of Operations, specialists and licensed guides, porters, and the partnering companies, all support sustainable as well as responsible tourism. We all believe in responsible tourism and its fundamentals. We abide by such principles and take it as our right to support the environment and the community more than as a duty or responsibility. And we don’t want to lose our rights to support the community. LHN and the team feel proud and grateful when it gets a chance of supporting responsible tourism.
If you like to support the community and want to join us then Contact Us, we are so great to go along with you.
Anyone who wants such kind of campaign in their area and community can Contact Us. We do what is possible to us.  

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