Destination Wedding in Nepal

Luxury Holidays Nepal brings the exciting package for our valuable clients of “ Destination Wedding in Nepal” for the very first time in Nepal. Nepal has a lot to offer such as trekking, hiking, mountaineering, adventure sports, cultural tour, and many more. Escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city, leaving from the traditional and regular wedding practices, and getting married in the lap of the world’s highest mountains through the local. Marriage practise would be the best adventure for life. If you are a couple and planning a trip to Nepal with Luxury Holidays Nepal and if you are planning to get married very soon, then this package might be the pre-eminent deal for you. Just adding a few more days to your package might bring the most special moment in your life. We are here to serve to change your lovebirds into a married couple in your dreamland, Nepal. We organize various wedding ceremonies in Nepal such as high-altitude weddings, traditional weddings, weddings in Everest Base camp, Buddhist monastery or Hindu Temple, and many more. Choosing Nepal for a destination wedding means a lot of fun, new experience, and excitement with a new culture, new people, and new places.

Traditional Hindu marriage is generally conducted by a Hindu priest at a temple or place built for marriage which is decorated with flowers, traditional things and such a place is eligible for worshiping the deities. The groom and bride are dressed in typical Nepali style where the groom normally wears a Coat, Daura Suruwal, topi, and some ornaments whereas, the bride wears a colorful sari with jewelry and garland on their neck. Likewise, traditional Buddhist marriage is held in Gumba or Monastery by Lama priests or Buddhist monks in their own way. A blessing from Lama Guru would be the most exciting moment for the couple. After marriage, we organize parties, where we offer food, dance, music and so much entertainment to the relatives. You can do small parties as well as big parties, which depends on your budget. Our company will assist you in arranging such things along with all the legal formalities and you will get written proof documents of your marriage ceremony. This is a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime package for you. 

Note: Above information is just a normal guide for weddings in Nepal. We are always ready to organize such a wedding program in a customized way. We plan according to your needs and requirements. So, the above price might be different according to your needs and requirements.

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