Luxury Holidays Nepal is a destination management company, we’ve been providing service of management in different countries, The type of service is facilitated as per your desires and requirements. Here we have different countries aligned to LHN to successfully manage your day-to-day activities in different parts of the company. The destinations you choose or plan on will definitely be one of the memorable experiences of your life and we at Luxury Holidays Nepal will make sure the trip to your dream destination will go safe, sound, and smooth. 

Luxury Holidays Nepal has been providing destination management in different countries namely Nepal, Maldives, Bhutan, India, and different countries. LHN will provide different services in these countries like Destination Weddings, Honeymoon Package, Tour Package, Trekking Package, City Tours, Destination Birthday Celebrations, and many more. You will have the choice to pick out different countries according to your desired sets of targets or choices. Nepal is famous because it's naturally beautiful, the Himalayas being the highlight of the nation. Tibet for its physical and religious importance Bhutan being the happiest country in South Asia, Bhutan is an experience of happiness in itself. India is blessed with different ethnicities with diverse food and culture, plain lands are the highlight of the nation. 

Luxury Holidays Nepal plan and manage destinations for multiple countries at once You can travel to multiple destinations within mentioned countries at once. These tours can be classified as a cultural, adventure, or any kind of tour of your preference. The different countries LHN has been managing destinations successfully are;

Top Destinations to travel in 2022 by LHN


A landlocked country situated between two gigantic south Asian countries India and China is home to the tallest peak in the world with utmost natural beauty. Geographically very diverse Nepal offers different kinds of tours and adventurous activities. You can walk on Jungle Safari in National Parks, trek down to some of the majestic places on earth sitting on staggering elevations, travel into ancient and historical cities, bungee jump from the highest possible point on Asia, spend luxury time on the lap of the Himalayas, Cultural tours, Experiencing Homestay on local ethnic groups and many more. The more you explore Nepal the more you find out. Nepal can be your dream destination for any kind of thing you want to do.

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Tibet lies to the north of the Himalayas, the autonomous region of China is famous for its Buddhism practices and natural geography. Tibet is considered as the roof of the world with an average elevation standing at 5000m above sea level. Residing north of the Himalayas, Tibet is very unique in its own culture and tradition. Holy Lakes and monasteries are the beautiful sights to see once in a lifetime at those extreme elevations. The holiest lake Mansarovar accompanying three major Holy lakes is sacred to both Hindus and Buddhists. Tibet, an ancient trade route lined with the Silk Road.

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A small yet diverse country, considered as the happiest country in Asia. Naturally, god gifted with Himalayas and beautiful landscapes, it is surrounded by India and Tibet. “The Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon” is named locally by Druk Yul. The unique part of Bhutan would definitely be culture and practice. Naturally very diverse you can expect a wide range of flora and fauna in the country.

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The Republic of India is a neighbor to many of the SAARC countries. India has huge representatives of culture and traditions with more than 28 states. The people of India are diverse from east to west or north to south. The language, culture, food, and religion change drastically in every new state. Not to mention India has modern-day and ancient sculptures blended together so well you will be able to feel the traditional as well as modern architecture. From Himalayan beauties to plain land India has to offer tremendous experiences once you visit them.

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A country of Islands, if you are quite fond of roaming in water and beaches, Maldives is the ideal destination of your dreams. The fresh sky blue water reflecting shiny colors and cool breeze of air make anyone spend their time quite in luxury. It's an utmost place to really enjoy the beauty it has to offer from different water sports to luxury items.

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A land of luxury and modern lifestyle, Dubai has been popular for its sky-scraping towers, ultra-luxury modern lifestyle, and shockingly unique man-made structures. Dubai's one and only world highest tower Burj Khalia is the main center of attraction for tourists all around the world. You can experience both traditional and modern Dubai under one roof as the city of Dubai has preserved its history very nicely. However, the man-made sky scrappers are not only the highlights of Dubai but it offers varieties of adventure sports as well.

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Multy Country packages

These types of tours are organized under two or more different nations, if you're willing to understand the culture and religious differences as well as to experience the natural beauties then these types of tours are for you. Luxury Holidays Nepal has been bargaining multiple tours in a combination of different countries as of today in Nepal, Bhutan, India, Dubai,  Maldives, and Tibet respectively. 

We Here Luxury Holidays Nepal has been managing different destinations of your dream. To know more about these destinations please Contact our expert trip arrangers and organizers.

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