Dolpo Trekking

Dolpo, a remote northwestern part of Nepal, is an unexplored magical beauty. The difficulty of reaching the trekking trail has been the most significant cause of unexplored Dolpa. In comparison to lower Dolpo, Upper Dolpo has not been even touched and remains one of the least known trekking destinations, however in terms of natural beauty like snow-capped mountains, hills, and Himalayas, waterfalls, freshwater running river it's no less than any dominant trekking destination of Nepal. Dolpo has been open to visitors from all around the world since the 1980s.

Dolpo lying in between the Tibetan plateau and Dhaulagiri massifs has the oldest monasteries, unexplored mountains, cliffs, Tibetan culture, rare flora, and fauna. The general topography of Dolpo remains as a dry barren land however one of the most crystal-like a river flows through the heart of the Dolpo originating straight from the Shey Phoksundo Lake; an oligotrophic lake formed from the fresh glacier of snow-capped mountains of Upper Dolpo. The Bon religion is common among the people of Dolpo, Shey Phoksundo Lake being the highlight of the region. Dolpo falls under the protected area of Shey Phoksundo National Park so you can expect rich wildlife like snow leopard, Himalayan blue sheep, Goral, Thar, Himalayan Black Bear, etc. 

Dolpo is a neglected piece of heaven. Nature compensates for this separated western piece of Nepal with incredibly astounding scenes and tranquil magnificence that look like the ones of Roof of the world. Journey to Nepal's Dolpo will make you encounter the glory of Nepal's tough and remote far west. Dolpo borders Tibet, where the way of life and a large part of the scene is suggestive of its northern neighbor. The western piece of the region is home to nature’s true beauty.

Who is recommended for this trek?

The trekking trail of Dolpo remains remote as of today, however, the gradual development of roads is leading to Dolpo. In today's date, if you are looking to explore the unexplored magical beauty of Dolpo, people with previous experiences of similar hiking or trekking are recommended. Even though there are many first-timers who have successfully done the Dolpo trial, however, it can be potentially very challenging and full of circumstances. Those wanting to explore the Dolpo region must step up their physical and mental status and are recommended to get engaged in any fitness program a month or two prior to the starting of the trial. However, the profound valleys, high passes and pinnacles, the turquoise Lake Phoksundo, the 800-year-old Shey Monastery, and some uncommon untamed life including the tricky snow panther reward fearless adventurers who visit here.

Best time for Dolpo Trek

An ideal opportunity to visit Upper Dolpo is during the period of Spring (April to May) and fall (October to November) when temperatures are wonderful, skies are the clearest, and there is an insignificant possibility of snow at high elevations. Unlike any other high elevation region of Nepal, it is safer to bypass extreme winter and monsoon for a safe and secure trekking trip. 

Highlights of Dolpo Trekking

Shey Phoksundo Lake

Shey Phoksundo Lake is a snow-capped freshwater oligotrophic lake, which is situated at an elevation of  3,611.5 meters/11,849 ft. in the Dolpa District. This lake is on the outskirts of Shey Phoksundo National Park. Yearly many explorers visit this religiously significant lake to clean up the sins they did in life through the help of the pristine e blessed water of Shey Phoksundo

Ancient footprints of Trans Himalayan Traders

The border to the Tibet people of Dolpo used the remote trails to Tibet to exchange for goods through the use of different animals including Yak. The footprints of ancient Himalayan traders have made successful trekking trails in remote parts of the country. This gives us an exclusive idea of how the ancient being survived in the remote land of the Himalayas for decades and decades. Being border to Tibet trade has always been an integral part of the remote Dolpo even though there aren’t enough fertile fields to grow different goods. The Himalayan people managed to exchange goods through ancient herbs and medicine found in the remote part of Dolpo one of the highlights being “Yarsagumba” -a  a unique caterpillar-fungus fusion that occurs when parasitic mushroom spores infect and mummify a ghost moth larva living in the soil.

Shey Gompa Monastery

Shey Phoksundo Park has numerous strict destinations including gompas. The most popular one is Shey Gompa, which was created during the eleventh century. Close to the pool of Shey Phoksundo, there is Thashung Gompa which was worked around 900 years prior. This monastery was built to stop the cruelty and violation made over the animals during the ancient period and is believed that those incidents have been drastically stopped since then.

More Highlights of Dolpo Trekking

  • Impressions of the old trans-Himalayan traders.
  • Widely varied vegetation in the Shey Phoksundo National Park.
  •  Explore the Life and culture of the adherents of Bon Buddhism.
  • Watch out for snow panthers in the Shey Phoksundo National Park, one of the greatest creature focus parks on the planet
  • Look over the turquoise waters of Lake Phoksundo
  • Visit Shey Gompa, an 800-year-old cloister at the foundation of Crystal Mountain.
  • Witness the spring chase for "yarsagumba" -a peculiar caterpillar parasite exceptionally pursued its restorative characteristics.
  • A one of a kind setting up camp experience along with the different scenes of the region and its secret fortune.
  • Visit the middle age town of Saldang and migrant camps at Dho Tarap, the most noteworthy human settlement on the planet.
  • Investigate different greenery in the Shey Phoksundo National Park.

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