Drinking Water in Nepal

In terms of water resources, Nepal ranks second in the entire world, and Unquestionably, Water is one of the most essential needs for humans. Small waterfalls to large lakes and rivers can be found here in every region and village. Water to drink won't be a problem throughout your trip to Nepal. Simply use caution when using some of the water resources because your health may suffer if your body is not accustomed to them.

Visitors in Nepal have the option of drinking bottled water, using purification tablets, or heating water because drinking tap water and river water is dangerous and it can affect your body and make you feel sick. At altitude, it takes longer to properly boil water than it does at sea level, so if you're boiling water, make sure to boil it for a longer period of time. Verify that the camp staff, who may be heating water, abides by these guidelines. Make sure the top has not been tampered with when purchasing bottled water. To lower your chances of becoming dehydrated in Nepal, make sure to drink enough water.