Dubai and Nepal

Dubai and Nepal, two unique countries in South Asia and the Middle East hold their own significance and importance. One is very popular for its natural beauty and adventurous tourism whereas the other is popular for ultra-luxury lifestyle and staggering modern architectures. The nature of the beauty might differ from one another but the pleasure and happiness that both the countries bring are indescribable. The tour to both countries at once will let you know the diverse nature of two countries, one being the home to natural beauty, another being the host to the unique amazing structures present on earth. 

Nepal is home to the people of more than 123 ethnic groups all of these being culturally, traditionally diverse yet the people of the country remain intact and tight. The harmony and generosity of Nepalese people will make anyone fall in love with the country. The art and architecture that have been preserved for decades are very magical to see. This preservation of ancient history and architecture has made Nepal with more than four UNESCO heritage sites which are quite astonishing for a small country like Nepal by total area. Nepal is the home to the tallest peak in the world, “Mt. Everest'' standing at an elevation of 8848.86m and the birthplace of the lord “Gautam Buddha” likewise Nepal has some ancient historical architectures such as Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, Kathmandu-Bhaktapur-Patan durbar squares, and many more. In short, Nepal is the total combo of art religion and culture.  

Dubai is one of the youngest countries on earth, however, is the youngest it has left behind some of the world's oldest countries with its rapid pace of development. Dubai is known for its exceptional modern architecture, it runs behind the principle of one or none that is why Dubai has the tallest skyscrapers, one and only seven-star hotels, and many structures that can just be admired by seeing them which might be seen only in Dubai. Some of the staggering architectures that exist only in Dubai are Burg Khalifa the only man-made skyscraper on earth that stands at an altitude of 800m, the only seven-star hotel in the world “Burj Al Arab” and many more. Likewise, Dubai is very popular for water sports because the city has to offer some of the amazing beaches from around the world. The history of the city can also be observed in the Old Dubai that has been kept under perseverance so that people from all around the world can experience what the beginning of the modern city looked like. Nevertheless, if you visit both countries on a multi tour you will experience a variety of cultures and history.  

Highlights of Nepal and Dubai Tour 

The roof of the world “Mt.Everest” 

Standing at a staggering elevation of 8848.86m “Mt.Everest” is the tallest peak in the world and is also known as the roof of the world. During the tour to Nepal, you will be having a scenic ride to the Himalayan ranges where observing the  “Sagarmatha” would be the highlight of the trip. The highest point on the earth where a person can take their footprints is an absolute memory of a lifetime. The gigantic panoramic mountains seen from the flight are a worthy experience to live on. 

UNESCO heritage sites in Nepal 

Nepal’s rich history has led the country with four UNESCO heritage sites with each having its different representations. The capital of the country Kathmandu is filled with some ancient monuments and architecture. The Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur Durbar squares, Boudhanath, Pashupatinath, and Changunarayan Temple all reside in a single valley. Likewise, the birthplace of Lord “Gautam Buddha” Lumbini and home to the highest peak in the world “Sagarmatha” Sagarmatha National park are also enlisted in world UNESCO heritage sites. 

Burj Khalifa 

Approximately 829.8m tall, Burj Khalifa is the tallest man-made architecture on the earth. The building is the highlight of the city and the most popular architecture around the world. The view from the observation deck of the building situated on the 124th floor is pretty amazing to watch. The panoramic view from the top has the best sunrise and sunset experience. The surrounding of the building is also designed with beautiful gardens, winding walkways, water beauty name Dubai Fountain and many more. 

Dubai Frame  

A 150m high picture frame is an architectural landmark in Zabeel Park Dubai that sits exactly between the old city of Dubai and the city's modern sprawl. This ginormous picture frame is the largest frame on the earth. Clicking pictures and videos at this frame behind any two Old and modern cities of Dubai is a must thing to do when in Dubai. Nevertheless, the photos would definitely have significant importance as this sits as the one and only largest frame on earth. 

More highlights of Nepal-Dubai Tour 

  • The city of Temples - Kathmandu. 
  • The tourist hub of Nepal- Pokhara. 
  • Panoramic views of the Great Himalayan Range 
  • Experience different cultures and traditions of two unique countries. 
  • Observe some of the amazing one and only man-made architecture. 
  • Exposure to ultra-luxury lifestyle. 
  • Burj Khalifa. 
  • Underwater aquarium at Dubai. 
  • Shopping malls in Dubai 

Luxury Holidays Nepal has specially designed multi-tours to experience the blend of everything that two unique diverse countries have to offer. If you are looking for similar kinds of multi tours LHN also has Nepal-Tibet Tour, Nepal-Bhutan Tour, Nepal-India Tour.  

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