Everest Trekking

The highest point on the earth where people have the chance to step their foot, the roof of the world is “Mt.Everest”. Standing at an astounding elevation of 8848.86m is the highest peak on the earth. The ultimate destination for all the trekking and mountaineering enthusiasts Everest lies on the eastern flank of Nepal sharing a border with Tibet. Everest trekking is the most popular and widely known trekking destination from around the world, statistically, it's the trekking region where most foreign and domestic tourists have visited.

Everest became widely popular to the world when Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenjin Norgay Sherpa introduced a trekking route to Everest when conquering the summit of Everest in 1953 Mt. Everest, also known as Sagarmatha, the name provided by the Government of Nepal and traditionally or locally named as Chomolungma which translates as “ Mother Goddess of the World”, is no doubt the most promising trekking destinations from all around the world. The huge landscapes, hills, dense forest, running waterfall, icefalls, glaciers are some of the highlights of the Everest trekking regions.

Mt. Everest's first expedition and trekking trails

China initially named today's "Mt.Everest" as "Mt. Qomolangma".In 1856 British Indian government estimated the height of  Everest by the Great Trigonometric Survey and was named as "Pinnacle XV" and the height was found around 8840m. After that many surveys and studies were conducted after the 1900s and the rise was viewed as "8848 m" , but recently after the earthquake in  2015, it was suspected that Everest elevation might have risen or changed and Nepal Government put down a survey where it was found that the new height of Mt.Everest to be “8848.86m”

Since then Everest trekking trail has been introduced to the world and has been quite popular among travel and trek enthusiasts. The trail towards the Everest lead passes to different geographical terrains which can be astoundingly beautiful. Ever since the first expedition, travel enthusiasts have wondered what it's like to step in the highest peak in the world, however, some only can do it. Nevertheless, people can comfortably reach the doors of the highest peak in the world that is Everest base camp which is the most popular trekking trail around the world. 

Best time for Everest Trekking

The best timeframe for Everest is the time between April and June. During this timeframe, the weather conditions are more clear and more apparent, the biodiversity of the Everest district becomes animated, it's when nature shines up. The thick timberland around the locale is vivid, waking down those trails during such a timeframe is a snapshot of the experience. The Spring and Autumn are extensively hotter than winter and the greater part of the journeying is probably going to happen during this timeframe.

Highlights of Everest Trekking

UNESCO world heritage sites

The trekking begins by investigating a portion of the world's UNESCO legacy destinations in Kathmandu valley that include Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan Durbar Square, Boudhanath, Pashupatinath, and Changunarayan Temple. These spots are one of a kind and loaded up with history, these landmarks have been there for quite a long time. It is an exceptional encounter. Close by Kathmandu valley world's UNESCO legacy site the tallest peak on the planet likewise goes under UNESCO legacy site Sagarmatha public park. The preserved public park is prospering with assorted widely varied vegetation.

Panoramic views of eight-thousanders

Everest trekking trail offers the best panoramic views of Mt.Everest also you will have all-encompassing perspectives on other eight-thousanders sitting close by on the scope of two or three miles. A portion of the amazing 8000m pinnacles sitting close by Mt.Everest are Mt.Lhotse(8,516 m), Mt.Cho Oyu(8,201 ), Mt. Makalu (8,485 metres), and numerous different pinnacles that reach over 6000 meters. The amazing views of mountain peaks are worthy of all the struggles and hard work you do to reach the base of the highest peak in the world. 

Traditional Village settlement 

In the Everest trekking region, you will be going through astonishing Sherpa village settlements. Even though the Himalayan lifestyle is considerably hard, it requires heaps of difficult work and devotion you will be welcomed by the amazing hospitality you can find anywhere all around the world. You'll get to know intently about the life and endurance done in those Himalayas. These astonishing town settlements are attractive as they share a comparable example of lodging and culture, on the off chance that you like to encounter those town ways of life LHN will furnish you with a chance to dwell in those towns for quite a while as you like.

More Highlights of Everest Trekking

  • Amazing Flora and Fauna 

  • Everest Base Camp journey

  • Traditional culture and religion

  • Sagarmatha National Park:

  • Namche Bazaar-the Sherpa's Capital

  • Hillary Museum and Observation of Hilary steps 

  • Gokyo Lakes and Gokyo RI:

  • Khumbu Glacier

  • Tengboche Monastery:

  • Kala Patthar

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