Expenses During the Trek

The expense of your journey mostly depends on your eating habits because the cost of your food is not included in the package. The food will cost you about 20 USD/day and an extra 10 to 12 USD for hot drinks and snacks.

➺Bottled water: (NPR 100-300) per bottle
➺Cold Drinks: (NPR 200-400) per bottle
➺Hot Drinks: (NPR 50-200) per cup
➺Lunch: (NPR 300-700) per item
➺Dinner: (NPR 300-800) per item
➺Hot Shower: NPR 400-500
➺Battery charge, WI-FI and Personal expense

Other costs may include souvenirs, tips and hot showers. A hot shower is available only in someplace. Your tips are enjoyed by your supporting members of the group after the trip. If you like the service provided to you, we advise you to distribute 10-15% of your total cost as a tip to porters and travelling guides.