Guides and Porter Policy

“Guides and porters are the main pillars of Tourism.”

Luxury Holidays Nepal believes in sustainable and responsible tourism. We look to make a less and positive impact on the environment and ecosystem. Each act and action of the Luxury Holidays Nepal (LHN) are focused and socially responsible. 

From the team members to the clients and the destination of traveling, we take care of every particular. Team members, clients, community and peoples, society, etc., each individual are so important for us.

For our guides and porters' care and safety, LHN has set the standard and policies that it always follows. The Crew members (Guides and porters) are the first factor for the success of the enterprise. The succession of the goal of any tour and trekking company depends on the work of Crew members. As those crew members are the main factor for the succession of the company, it is the duty and responsibility of the company to make them happy, safe, and secure from insecurities.

Research and the data show one out of three-person dead in the Everest region while trekking or climbing is guides or porters who are leading the group. Those crew members take high risks to protect the group from every risk and challenge. First, they save the life of group members and then secure themself after the surety of the group's safety. 

Here are the policies and the standards Luxury Holidays Nepal has been following in regards to The Crew Members; guides and porters assisting and proving guidance to the group. 

Insurance of Each Crew

The guides and porters take their life in danger and high risk while leading and supporting the group. Although the life-threatening risk of trekking is very low, several uncertainties threaten their life. Luxury Holidays Nepal has insurance policies for every crew member. LHN has provided insurance facilities to every individual. Along with guides and Porters Insurance policies, it has also Public Liability Insurance policy too. 

These Insurance policies cover the hospital bills and medical expenses, emergency rescues and evacuation many more terms. 

The Maximum Weight Limit for Helpers

Porters are also human, they also tire. There is lots of news about porter’s accidents and even death due to heavyweight and backpack. Some tourists use to order to carry heavy loads and giving their every backpack to carry to Porters. 

Luxury Holidays Nepal has set standards of weight limit set forth under the direction of the Authorities. One porter is assigned for two trekkers/ Clients. They carry a maximum of 25 kg of weight. Along with that, they are only obligated to carry a maximum of 13 kg of Trekking equipment and gears. 

Although Porters are hired to carry the loads, please at least carry a little backpack by yourself that you easily carry so that the weight for porters shall reduce. 

Health and Safety of The Crew

Luxury Holidays Nepal takes the health and safety of the crews as the utmost priority. LHN fully complies with all requirements for the safety of Trekking Guides and Porters. LHN use to provide enough resources and materials which is necessary while trekking and hiking. Before the trip, LHN ensures whether the route is safe and secure or not. LHN always use to provide a safe and secure workplace to its workforce. It provides the necessary Medical kits and first aid box, trekking gears and equipment and many more requirements.

Lodging and Food Arrangements for The Crews

LHN use to arrange the complete lodging and food of the crews. Without any discrimination, both guides and porters have complete facilities for meals and accommodation for them. All three-time meals and the best available accommodation are provided to them. All the expenses for accommodation and meals of Crews are reimbursed by the Company. As we already say there is not any space for discrimination among the crews, all crew members get equal services and facilities provided by the company. 

All Necessary and Appropriate Equipment and Gears

Luxury Holidays Nepal is fully complied with to arrange all the requirements that need for the trip. Guides and porter both get all the necessary things. Usually, we provide Sleeping bags and other trekking gear and tools. We also provide Oximeter which is very mandatory while trekking at high altitudes. 

Training and Awareness Programs

Luxury Holidays Nepal organizes training programs from time to time to improve the quality of their work and increase efficiency. LHN uses to introduce newly come and modern equipment, gears, and gadgets which are so helpful in the workplace. 

LHN also organizes awareness programs to provide them the complete information about the routes, paths and other situations of the workplaces. We also use to provide them the tips and tricks for preventing the AMS and ideas of surviving in critical conditions. We also inform them of the directions and policies introduce and issue by the authorities. 

Preference and Priority

Luxury Holidays Nepal is a sustainable and responsible tourism operator and complies with the principles of sustainable tourism. Priority for Using local resources and materials is our prime concern. We hire the available local guides and porters while operating trekking or tours even. We keep the locals in priority while recruiting the crews. 

Such the nature of the recruitment process helps to reduce the unemployment level and poverty level. We support the locals and the community for their upliftment.

Female Guide and Porter

LHN has a clear view of Women's Empowerment. We believe both males and females are equal. LHN applause the women who dare to do the things that men can do. We believe women can also do what men can do and we and appreciate them.

LHN team has also women who think that they can also do anything that men can. Women who look for chances are welcome in Luxury Holidays Nepal. 

Wages and Remuneration

Luxury Holidays Nepal provides fair rates to its crew members. By following the Direction set forth by Government and the association each crew gets the wages. The wages to Porters and the guides are paid at the rate set by the Authorities. 

One more important thing is that we pay the crew the wages based on the whole trip. Even in case of noncompletion of the trip, or early completion, they get the full trip as of the preset itinerary. LHN also pays fully in case of the trip extension and becomes longer as per the itinerary.

Rewards and Incentives

Luxury Holidays Nepal monthly rewards the best guides and porters. We acknowledge the best performer and reward him/ her with gifts and presents.LHN also gives incentives to those crews who complete the trip very effectively and with high efficiency. 

Luxury Holidays Nepal conducts lots of meetings. Our agendas are discussed by not only the shareholders and the board members but crews are also included in the meeting where they are allowed to bring their thoughts and points. They are freely allowed to point out the necessary things to change or to build to achieve the goals. 

Before the trip start, crews are asked for any more requirements. Each trip starts with the satisfaction of the crews and their free consent.

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