Health and Safety Protocol by Luxury Holidays Nepal

Traveling is not always an easy matter, Travellers have to care about a lot of things before, while and after traveling. Travelers have to decide after analyzing a lot of things. The weather of the place traveling, political issues, governmental support to the tourist and travelers, insurances, tourist supports, safety measurements, health protocol, and many other things.

Unlike the previous traveling trend, the Corona Virus and worldwide pandemic have made travelers think twice before traveling anywhere. Travelers use to check the health and safety measures and standards followed by the local and governmental bodies, agencies, and service providers to prevent the infection and spread of CoronaVirus.

In previous notices as per the official meeting, the Government of Nepal has issued the health and safety protocol followed by the travelers traveling to Nepal. Luxury Holidays Nepal has mentioned those standards in its previously. As the Government of Nepal has been giving its full effort to resume tourism in this pandemic period with proper health and safety protocols and Standards, Luxury Holidays Nepal has also stated its internal health standards and safety protocols.

From the very beginning of traveling through the point of Check-in to the Hotel Quarantine, the health protocol and safety standards issued by the Ministry of Health, Department of Immigration, and Department of Tourism are followed. Luxury Holidays has stated the health and safety standards to be followed while on the trip and trekking under the guidelines of the Nepal Tourism Board.

The Following health and safety protocol designed under the advice of the Nepal Tourism Board has been followed throughout every trip and journey and mandatorily applicable to every single individual; Representatives, drivers, guides, Porters, staff, guests, and every crew member and personnel involved in the trip.

How Luxury Holidays Nepal Operates the Trips?

As of previous seasons(Before Pandemic), there is no need to follow any health and safety protocol but the worldwide Coronavirus spread changed the course of traveling and touring. Luxury Holidays Nepal had suffered a lot due to the cancellation and postponement of the booking due to the lockdowns and travel restrictions.

Luxury Holidays Nepal has come with a better solution and course to operate trekking and tours. It has already followed the health and safety prescribed by the Government of Nepal and also designed the health and safety standard for how it operated the trips. Luxury Holidays Nepal has already operated a few trips and the guest has satisfied with the course of trip operation. 

The Health and Safety Protocol and Standard for trip operation are as follows:

Personnel Safety


Every Driver; Car, Pick up and drop van, and sightseeing bus, compulsorily wear a face mask, gloves, Face Mask(N95 or other design approved by WHO) and Personal Protective Equipment( PPE). Drivers have a CoronaVirus Insurance Policy as well for their health emergencies.


Every Representative of Luxury holidays Nepal will meet with the group and members of the trip with full safety measures. Face mask and Shield, and gloves are provided to them for their as well as the client's safety. They also have a Sanitizer for clean hands before and after the meeting. Most of the time the representative and the Guide are the same. 

Trekking Guide(s)

Guides are the main part of every trip either tour or trekking. They are essential for the safety of the whole team and group. Therefore, Guides have to test(Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction) before the trip and meeting with guests. Only Guides with Negative RT-PCR Test will join the group and are allowed to go with other crew members. They have proper Health insurance for CoronaVirus Infection risk.

Sightseeing tour Guide(s)/ City Guide(s)

As a City tour guide, only those with Negative RT-PCR test reports are allowed to introduce to the Group. They will be provided a Face shield, Face Mask, Gloves, and Sanitizer for their Safety. With Medical Insurance for reimbursement for medical expenses of CoronaVirus, Sightseeing Guide follows the full Health Safety Standard procedures.


For the Trip, we use the locals as Trek assistance. Porters will make a safe distance from other crew members for their safety. Necessary RT- PCR Test will be done for the safety of the team as well. Porters having Negative PCR tests only are allowed to join the group as crew members. For personal as well as group safety, necessary face masks and gloves are provided to the Porter(s).

Administrative Staffs/ Employees

The staff of Luxury Holidays Nepal working in the Administration will work under the complete Safety Measures. Face masks are compulsory while body temperature is measured and sanitizer spray will be done before entering the office for every insider and outsider. 

The necessary safe distance is maintained during the work and as possible as less contact with outsiders is maintained.

Personnel Training against COVID-19

All employees, staffs, guides, porters, drivers, and every member of Luxury Holidays Nepal has obtained the following Training:

  • Prevention of Infection, Breaking the Chain and Hygiene Protocols
  • Physical Distancing Protocols
  • Emergency Protocols
  • Dynamic Problem Solving
  • Updated First Aid training

Travel and Transportation

International Flights

Travelers have to follow the guidelines and standards issued by the airline companies and Government of Nepal for and while on International Flights. PPE, Face shield, Gloves, and Mask are provided by the airlines, if not please be sure to have them before taking a flight.

The standard procedure before traveling, at checkpoints, and after check-ins are as prescribed and followed accordingly. 

Domestic Flights

The standard procedures and safety measures are prescribed by the Government of Nepal for the airlines operating Domestic flights. Airlines will follow the standard of Procedures as prescribed. Face shields are provided and safe distances are maintained throughout the whole journey. The Crew members will make a safe distance from Passengers and wear the PPE Face shield, Face Mask, and Gloves for the prevention of infection.

Bus and Tourist Vehicle Transportation

The tourist Buses and vehicles are sanitized every day before the passengers get in. The numbers of passengers are reduced as possible. Driver and assistance will wear PPE, Face Shield, Face Mask, and Gloves while the driving crew Members’ cabins are separated with framed glass in Tourist Bus. In the case of Long Drive, Bus will stop in a safe place for breakfast, lunch, and other breaks. Those Restaurants and cafes are also run under the full standard procedures.

During Sightseeing, private cars, Hiace or Coster are used which are sanitized on regular basis and properly before any trip. Drivers will follow the standard procedure as prescribed above. City Guide will seat aside from the Driver.

Tour: Hiking, City tour, and Sightseeing

Travelers with the same group join the tour and no physical connections are made with other groups (s). Face shields, Gloves, and masks are compulsory for everyone; Guides, Drivers, and Tourists all. Drivers and City Guide will not make any connection with others and always maintain a safe distance to ensure the safety of the group.


Wearing face masks and gloves during any stay and where people gather is compulsory for crew members and tourists. Accommodation and meal service providers during the trekking will follow the guidelines issued by the Nepal Tourism Board. The Group Leader will keep additional masks, sanitizer, and Gloves along with theFirst Aid Tools. Trekkers must have to make a safe distance from other groups for personal safety as well as Group safety.

Paragliding, Bungee Jumping, and other adventure activities

Adventurers must have to wear masks and gloves and have to sanitize their hands immediately after the completion of the adventure. The Vehicle used for paraglider pick up drop will be sanitized and disinfected. The guide and helper or Pilot will wear a mask and make you as much as safe from being infected. 

Rafting and other Aqua Adventures

Those water-related activities will be done only with the same group, people traveling together and family members only as much as possible. The Leader will make a safe distance and wear a mask during the adventure.

What Travelers/Clients have to Do

  • Travelers have to bring their Mask during traveling. Luxury Holidays Nepal will provide a reusable Face shield. We suggest Travellers bring masks and gloves along with them for their use.
  • Travelers must have to inform the group leader about any symptoms or illness.
  • Nepal Tourism Board recommended travelers to make a Medical Insurance policy covering Emergency evacuation and helicopter rescue, medical expenses, and other health-related issues. Travelers must have to present the Travel medical insurance policy covering the minimum of NRP. 500,000( Approx. $5000) at the point of check-ins.
  • Travelers are suggested to bring their Sanitizer in packs for all time. Although, Luxury Holidays Nepal provides Sanitizer to Drivers, and group leader, for your convenience, keeping your sanitizer is better.
  • Travelers coming to Nepal have to present a Negative RT-PCR test report held 72 hours before the traveling and have to stay in Hotel quarantine for 7 days after arriving in Nepal. Travelers with the Negative RT-PCR Test Report held after Hotel quarantine only are allowed to join the group for a trip. Anyone whose RT-PCR Reports comes Positive after Hotel Quarantine has to stay in Hotel Quarantine furthermore and protocol issued by the Government of Nepal must be followed. After two continuous Negative RT-PCR Reports respective travelers are allowed to join the group.
  • After all those safety, and complete prevention, travelers may suffer from the infection during the trip. For such cases, Luxury Holidays Nepal has Suggested the following protocol which the group Leader implement and travelers must have to abide by.

Standard procedures and Protocol in case of Suspicious situation of Covid-19 Infection

  • Any Travelers with Covid-19 Infection Symptoms will be separated from the group.
  • Tests will be done as immediately as possible.
  • In a large group, the Assistance Leader will assist the suspicious travelers and make a safe distance from the remaining Group and Crew.
  • Until the evacuation or Negative Test reports, separate rooms are allocated to the guest, and meals are taken in the lunch box.
  • If the situation is critical emergency evacuation is made and expenses are to be covered from travelers' medical insurance.
  • If the test report comes positive, respective travelers have to leave the group and go back to quarantine or isolation. The remaining group will further continue with more prevention and safety. If the test becomes negative, the respective travelers can again join the group.


Nepal Tourism Board under the Department of Tourism has issued the guidelines and health safety Protocol for everyone related to Tourism and Hospitality. Luxury Holidays Nepal and other hotels, transportation, restaurants, guesthouses, tea houses and other parties associated with Luxury Holidays Nepal will completely Follow the guidelines issued by the Nepal Tourism Board(NTB). 

Luxury Holidays Nepal will also assist the tourist intending to travel to Nepal. LHN will provide assistance for Visa Processing, Hotel Quarantine, and in other terms as much as possible to do.

We have also made a summary of the Health and Safety Protocol Issued by the NTB. Click the Link Below for more Rules and Guidelines as per the Nepal Tourism Board.

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