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Homestay treks are a little different than usual types of trekking where in this type of trekking the accommodation is done by the local communities of Nepal rather than tea or guest houses. It's essential to understand that the homestay treks are not as luxurious as usual treks because the motive behind this type of trek is to understand the complexity of the daily lifestyle of Nepalese people. If you are someone looking to understand the core lifestyle, culture, religion, and tradition of Nepalese people. Homestay trek will make you understand how a normal family survives on the laps of the Himalayas. This will definitely be a very different experience of your life compared to any other types of tours and travels you might have done before. There is a saying the lowkey the better that is what it implies to the homestay trekking of Nepal, experiencing true natural beauty alongside the perplexing hospitality of the locals.

The concept of homestay treks is to promote the local and cultural diversity of different ethnic groups of people from nooks and corners of the country. The diversity you can see from east to west of the country is actually amazing. Every caste of people is blended into their own culture, tradition, and religion. The lifestyle changes from every next part of the country that is why homestay treks are unique. The term home stay must have made you understand that the sole accommodation will be done by the locals of the community. You will get to experience local food, local lifestyle even though the communities of the villages might not be able to provide the luxury as of any other big city but the homely environment they provide can not be found elsewhere.

Nepal's 123 ethnic groups have more than 60 different cultures and more than 100 different languages i.e you will find uniqueness in every part of the country wherever you go. Some of the ethnic groups you can find in different villages like Magar, Thakali, Sherpa, Brahmin, Chettri, Gurung, Tamang. Every ethnic group is culturally diverse and the festivals and rituals are also diverse. You might be able to experience some of the biggest festivals like Dashain, Tihar, Mahashibaratri, Lhosar, and many more. The time of the year you visit for homestay treks will define what type of culture you will be able to experience. During the period of September to October Nepals holds its biggest festival of the year namely “Dashain” and “Tihar” which is a unique festival that is celebrated by almost every ethnic group of Nepal. 

The experience of foods on home treks is truly local. You will try and share every kind of food that locals use on day to day basis. You will get to taste some of the typical traditional foods of Nepal like Dal, Bhat, Achar, Gundruk, Dhido, and many more. These are all fresh vegetables and foods that are prepared by the people of the communities themselves. The above-mentioned food items are typical to some of the ethnic groups of Nepal you will find a diverse range of foods in different ethnic communities of Nepal. The fact that these foods vary from one community to another community defines how much cultural diversity exists in Nepal. 

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