How to Get Nepal Visa? Latest updates after COVID Pandemic

The Government of Nepal (GON) has allowed tourists to visit Nepal for trekking or Climbing and expedition purposes from 17th October. The Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and civil aviation and Nepal tourism Board under the Department of Tourism announced the resume of the long shut tourism and permitted the trekkers and climbers intended to visit Nepal following the standard of procedures and safety protocols directed by the Health Department and Tourism Department. Many clients have asked about the visa procedure regarding Nepal’s travel in this pandemic. Here we’ve gathered detailed information about getting a Nepal visa. 

Step 1: Documentation Process 

The luxury Holidays Team will assist you with the processing and approval of your visa application. To get all the necessary documents for you, you need to send us the following documents through email. 

  • Colored photocopies of your Passport
  • PP size photocopies of your photo
  • International Flight details to Nepal.
  • Details of covid-19 travel insurance covering cost not less than 5,000USD
  • 7 days of hotel booking for the quarantine period. We will book the hotel for you as per your trekking package and budget. 

Step 2: Visa Obtaining Process

After getting all the necessary documents from you, we will submit those documents to the concerned department here in Nepal for the approval letter. Normally, it takes two working days to get the approval for the visa. Once we get an approval letter from the immigration of Nepal, it will be forwarded to you. Later, you’ve to visit the Nepalese embassy or diplomatic mission in your country for the prior visa. 

If there is no such facility to obtain a Nepalese Visa in your country, your trekking agency will help you to get the pre-approved visa.

Step 3: Heading to Nepal

In this step, you’ll travel to Nepal for your trekking and tours. Before departing to Nepal, Please get all the essential information and safety procedures of your home country to exit from there. And, print out the following documents which are required in the immigration of Nepal to get the visa approval for Nepal to stay. 

  • RT (Polymerase Chain Reaction: PCR) Negative report taken within 72hr before departing from your home country. 
  • Covid-19 insurance policy 
  • International flight ticket
  • A hotel booking for 7 days quarantine. 
  • A copy of the visa is attached to your passport. 

Our representative will be there in the immigration office to assist you with the final procedure. Other conditions and criteria to be followed by the tourist shall be as per regular updates from the Department of Tourism. The concerned agency must provide detailed information on the same to tourists before the expedition, trekking, and tours.

Important Note: The Department of Tourism will issue other terms and provisions regarding health protocol, the standard of procedures, and VISA and regular notice and updates will be published. The trekking agency and expedition team are obligated to provide detailed information regarding the tourist as well as the notice and updates of the Department of tourism. Click here for the latest safety protocol for Nepal Travel.

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