How to Make a Payment

After your request for the trip, confirmation is approved by the company, the second step of making your trips as well-managed as you wish is to receive the amount specified by the provision of the company clause in the above statement. Fund transfer for booking trips is accessible, whether you made it through bank transfer or online credit card payment. You are advised to consider carefully while filling up the required detailed information on transferring funds from any payment method.


a. Online Payment by card:

You can pay online by using your card before your trip starts. We use a very safe international payment getaway.
We use WeTravel Smart payments getaway. 

b. Bank Transfer:

Please contact us for the Bank Details. 

            Note: Please, you can send a fund transfer through the Western Union Money Transfer without any hassle and hesitation. For that, further information has been provided in the email correspondence. Email must be sent to us along with the attached remittance slip or reference numbers after completing your transfer process. It would be better for us to check in case of a different name was forwarded by the bank. Please note that we are not responsible for a case of any delay or loss during the transfer process.

If you need any further information, please contact us.