Impact of Second Wave of COVID19 in Nepal

Many travelers have a lot of questions about the situation of a COVID19 second wave in Nepal, as we know that every day the infected cases go up rapidly all over the world. Unfortunately, Nepal imposed another hectic lockdown in most of the city areas and crowded places to cut the chain of infection. In the last few weeks, Nepal has been hit by a new strain of coronavirus which was seen in India, which ultimately increased the number of infections and death of many people as well. This rapid spread of the virus has already stressed and dilapidated the health system of Nepal. 

The lockdown has started in major cities like Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and some other highly infected districts which are mostly touched by the Indian border in the southern part. Now, most of the districts in Nepal have cut down the link with other districts even though they are not highly infected. For such a situation in Nepal, Government bodies, Local authorities, and health experts decided to impose prohibitory orders in an attempt to break the chain of infection. In the beginning, the prohibition was started for just two weeks ( 29th April to 12 May). Later, as the conditions continued going out of control and worse, the authorities and local bodies decided to extend till 31st May 2021. 

With these prohibitory orders, the country has also banned national and international flights until the end of May. Initially, the domestic and international flights were running even though the prohibition had already started; later they decided to stop all the transportation services within or outside the country. However, people who were stuck in mountains and various places in Nepal can come back to Kathmandu and their respective destinations via chartered flights. Also, international chartered flights are still in operation for the foreigners stuck in Kathmandu and trying to leave for their country. Nepal authorities are trying to coordinate with the respective flight company, foreign embassy, and diplomatic agencies regarding the sending of people who were stuck in Nepal because of this second wave of coronavirus effect. 

Despite all these problems happening in Nepal, the vaccination program is going rapid in the country. Most of the frontline workers, health personnel, securities personnel, government officials, people who are involved in travel and hospitality have already got both doses of vaccine. Almost one and a half million people are inoculated with vaccination and the government is continuing this campaign to vaccinate all the citizens. 

This pandemic is badly affected almost in each and every sector. The sectors related to tourism are badly affected in the context of Nepal because tourism activities are mostly seasonal in Nepal. They worked half of the year and the remaining time they just prepare for the coming year always. Despite all these facts, in the end, there is only one option for us, just live with it unless the vaccine arrives in our hands. Many countries have already resumed all the activities and regularly work with proper safety measures and precautions. Nepal will follow the same pattern soon. 

We request everyone to stay safe and take care of themselves. We will fight together against this pandemic and we will resume everything as soon as possible.  For the latest updates and news regarding the travel and trekking in Nepal, coronavirus effect please feel free to contact us anytime. We are regularly observing the current situation of Nepal and we will keep updating the latest news of Nepal. 

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