Insurance for Climbing & Expedition

There is a fine line between adventure and blatant risk. Mountaineering is an adventure trip that carries an intrinsic danger and the nature of travel implies things don’t generally go according to plan, which is the reason why we highly recommend our clients get acceptable and proper insurance before starting any trips with Seven Summit Treks.

We encourage all our clients to get the insurance that covers both medical evacuation and travel protection including air evacuation. Due to unforeseen circumstances, for example, injury, family issues, work commitments, etc., clients may need to cancel their trip before the start or during the expedition. Considering these factors, it’s better to be prepared for the possibilities that may occur.

In addition to that, a foreigner isn’t allowed to purchase insurance on Nepali soil. These facts point out the requirement of a client to purchase an elaborate travel insurance plan in their place of origin that protects their interest in case of trip cancellation, helicopter evacuation, medical emergencies, other illnesses, lost luggage, theft, disasters, death, and so on.

You are free to pick your insurer however look for a plan that covers trip postponement and cancellation, rescue, and covers medical as well. Make sure it doesn't have limitations on the height you will climb, prohibitions on the exercises you are embracing, or the places you will be visiting. Protect yourself with the right insurance so you can go on your expedition with peace of mind and focus more on your climbing.

Here we list some of the information and recommendation that may help you in finding the right insurance before you start your trip:

First of all:
If you already have an annual policy or any kind of health insurance, then check with that company if they can provide a policy that covers travel protection, emergency evacuation, or medical expenses during your trip. The company might provide the policy at a cheaper price and you don't need to find a new provider.

Travel Protection, Evacuation & Medical Treatment:
It is important to make sure that your policy covers emergency evacuation, any kind of altitude illness, and medical treatment as the cost can be high because of the remoteness of the expedition areas. Also, please make sure your policy covers loss of baggage, delayed flights, theft, etc.

Level of Adventure:
We highly recommend you check and make sure that your policy covers the activity you are doing, and the altitude you gain before you purchase it as required for your trip.

Every policy has some exceptions, so you need to know about the things that are not included in your policy before purchasing.

Covid-19 Expenses:
There are still several Covid-19 cases arising and we recommend you purchase the policy that includes Covid-19 medical expenses as well.

Some of our recommendations to get insurance are as follows:

For worldwide:

  • World Nomads
  • Generali
  • IM Global

For UK Citizens:

  • British Mountaineering Council (BMC)
  • DogTag UK
  • Adventures Insurance
  • Campbell Irvine

For USA/Canada Citizens:

  • Travel Guard
  • IM Global
  • TuGo
  • Ripcord

For Europe:

  • Europ Assistance
  • IHI Bupa
  • AXA Insurance
  • TCS (for Switzerland and France)

For Australian/New Zealand citizens:

  • Cover-More Travel Insurance
  • Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance
  • 1 Cover Travel Insurance

For Malaysia/Singapore citizens:

  • AIG Travel Insurance
  • AIA Berhad
  • Alpha Global Solutions

Note: The above-mentioned insurer is just a recommendation that can provide a policy that covers your emergency evacuation, medical expenses, travel protection, and any other unforeseen circumstances like theft, loss of luggage, deaths, etc. Please inquire with the insurer about these circumstances before purchasing the policy.

Please make sure to send us a copy of your insurance policy before you start your expedition so that we can help you in any case of an emergency during the expedition.