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When visiting Nepal, it is a good idea to purchase a local SIM card so that you may stay in touch with your loved ones back home. To make calls or use the internet, you will need an unlocked phone set, tablet or iPad, and of course, a prepaid SIM CARD. The two major carriers that offer both telephone and mobile internet services are NTC and NCELL. NTC is thought to be a little slower in some places, however, the mountains provide better coverage. Similarly, NCELL is quicker and simpler to set up for visitors from other countries.

It is advised to think about getting an NTC SIM card in advance if you are preparing to travel to Nepal. Although NTC SIM cards were not as commonly available as NCELL SIM cards in the old days, you can now easily purchase both of them with proper identification. You can either ask your hotel to help you get a SIM card or purchase one from one of the two main sellers when you arrive at the international airport. You must present your physical passport and one passport-size photo in order to obtain a SIM card. You must fill out a brief form after the retailer takes a photocopy of your passport's identifying page and Nepalese visa.

Internet in Nepal

Even though just 9% of Nepal's population utilized the internet in 2011, usage is growing quickly in Nepal. In the life of the Nepalese people, it has nearly become a basic service. and today you may find that everyone uses the internet for connection, enjoyment, and business.

One of the primary factors influencing internet connectivity and usage is cellular or mobile coverage. A few years ago, both Nepalese residents and foreign tourists relied heavily on cybercafes to access the internet, but these cafes are no longer very well-liked. As of 2020, NT FTTH and NT ADSL are the least expensive ISPs in Nepal. While the latter is relatively slower and accessible practically everywhere, the former is highly quick and only available in particular locations. However, internet access is now widely available in every café, eatery, and teahouse. Connecting with others is extremely simple.

Internet Service Providers In Nepal

  • Websurfer
  • Eastlink
  • Cherry World
  • Classic Tech
  • Himalayan Online
  • Net Max
  • Arrownet
  • Sky Broadband
  • Ultranet Communication 
  • Worldlink
  • Infocom
  • Mercantile
  • Subisu
  • Vianet
  • Broadlink
  • Loop Networks
  • IBSS