Lukla To Base Camp Helicopter flight

Trip Highlights

  • The safe and better way to approach Everest Base Camp
  • Mesmeric views of the sky-touching mountains like Mt. Everest, Mt. Cho Oyu, Mt. Lobuche, etc.
  • Beautiful top angle views of Gokyo Lakes, Gokyo Ri, and several moraines and Glaciers
  • Exploration of Everest Base Camp and the surrounding area
  • Panoramic views of the Khumbu region and the Himalayas
  • Chameleonic Views of colorful Landscapes and the plain low lands
  • Beautiful views of the traditional villages and settlements, Gumbas and monasteries, etc.

Helicopter Flight is one of the most delightful ways of making your dream vacation one luxurious, incredible, and unforgettable. Helicopter tour allows travelers to escapes the difficulties and challenges of their dream destination.

 Everest Base Camp is the most populous destination for every travelers and visitors dreaming while they are in Nepal. But Reaching Everest Base camp is not that easy. It requires a long Everest Base Camp Trek. So the easiest way is to take a helicopter flight. It allows you to reach the Everest Base Camp in an easy way with the safe hand, explore and experience the surroundings

Lukla to Everest Base Camp flight the incredible package that allows reaching Everest Base Camp and exploring the Himalayan Nature plus admiring the beautiful glimpse of the entire Everest Region and the Himalayas.

Lukla to Everest Base Camp and return allows you to see the numbers of the skyline dominating whitey Himalayas in a close-up view teasing everyone by its beauty.

Lukla to EBC Heli flight also allows us to see chameleonic colorize beauty of the landscapes and green hills. The beauty of the diversity of Nepal is more beautiful when the hills start to wear the cloths of fog and the clouds and, that is mesmerizing when you admire from the top angle.

Trip Facts

  • Trip CodeLHN137
  • Duration1 Day
  • Pricefrom US$500 / person
  • GradeEasy
  • DestinationNepal
  • Min Pax01 pax
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Outline Itinerary

Day 1 Helicopter flight to Everest Base Camp from: 1 Hours 20 minutes flight

7:00 AM
➺ Check-in at the Luka airport
➺ Helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp: 25 minutes flight
7:25 AM
➺Landing at the Everest Base Camp for 15 minutes. Free time to enjoy the Himalayan scenery with the views of Mount Everest and several other mountains
7:40 AM
➺ Fly back to Lukla: 25 minutes flight

  • Max. Altitude: 5,555 m/18,225 ft
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What's Included

  • Helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp and return.
  • 15 minutes stop at Kalapattar for sightseeing.
  • Permits for the tour.

What's Excluded

  • Gratuities and Tips (recommended)
  • Personal Expenses
  • Food and drinks, unless specified

Trip Map

Lukla To Base Camp Helicopter flight Trip Map

Cost included

  • Helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp and return.
  • 15 minutes stop at Kalapattar for sightseeing.
  • Permits for the tour.

Cost Exclude

  • Gratuities and Tips (recommended)
  • Personal Expenses
  • Food and drinks, unless specified

1. What Is The Payment Method If We Book Directly Through Your Company?
Once the reservation and travelling dates are confirmed you need to make advance payment which can be paid online by using your card. For the booking of the Helicopter tour, you can follow the link

2. Are There Weight Limits On The Flights?
The helicopter can accommodate a maximum of 5 pax excluding pilots. In a group sharing basis helicopter will depart the minimum requirement of 3 Pax. On charter, basis helicopter can accommodate up to 5 Pax. Children above 3 years old can eligible for a helicopter tour.

3. Is There An Age Limit While Travelling In A Helicopter?
There is no age barrier to experience this trip. But in case of a child, children above 3 years old can eligible for a helicopter tour. All age groups can experience a helicopter tour.

4. Do You Charge For Kids Coming To Fly With You As Passengers?
Yes, kids are also required to make payments to experience this tour.

5. Are Helicopter Flights Affected By Weather Conditions?
Mountain weather is often unpredictable. It highly depends upon morning temperature and wind on the very same day. We would suggest you make your travelling dates flexible between 3 to 4 days in order to avoid bad weather. If the flight affected due to weather you can try the next day.

6. How High Could You Possibly Fly And With How Many Passengers?
Most of the helicopter in our fleet will fly above 16000 ft to 23000 ft with a maximum capacity of 5 Passengers.

7. When Is Your Peak Seasons?
March / April / May / September/ October /November / are the peak season for the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour. In those months we announce every day fixed departure on our website. If your willing to travel for the next season please kindly contact us for pre-fixed departure dates,

8. How Can The Middle Ones Enjoy The View When There Is 5 / 6 Person On Board?
Even though we fly 5/6 Pax from Kathmandu, we will do two shuttles with each 3 Pax from Pheriche (Place in Everest Region). If you are more than 3 there will be two flights from Pheriche to EBC each carrying not more than 3/3 persons. This allows you to enjoy the Great views from your Seats.

9. Can We Bring A Camera? Best Camera Lens?
Cameras are permitted on board and recommended. We have found through guest comments that a 35mm with ASA 400 or higher with a wide-angle lens works well.

10. What Should I Wear? Why Do You Recommend Dark Clothes? Will I Be Comfortable?
Clothing should be comfortable and casual. Dark shirts or tops are recommended for photo taking. Bright colored clothing may put a reflective glare on the helicopter Plexiglas windows which may refract in your photos. Dark clothing helps to eliminate the reflection.

11. Do People Get Sick? Should I Take Dramamine?
Although most of our guests enjoy our flights with no discomfort at all, some guests are prone to motion sickness. If this applies to you, we would recommend taking Dramamine or a similar product. As with all medicines, consult with your doctor before use. All of our flights are sightseeing tours and our pilots take pride in providing the smoothest, safest, and most enjoyable tours available. Helicopters have “Sickness Bags” on board if needed.

12. Am I Guaranteed To See Everything In Your Tour Description?
Tour description is based on what sites have been most requested in the area to be toured. Every attempt will be made by our pilots to cover each site described or requested by you, weather permitting. Pilots will adjust their flight path for wind and weather. We have many alternate sites to recommend. You will have the very best helicopter tour of Nepal. Again, your safety and comfort are our primary concerns.

100% Guaranteed Departures: Are You A Solo Traveler Or Looking To Join A Group Of Traverlers? Join A Group To Below-Mentioned Dates. Booking Is Open For The Following Guaranteed Departure Dates, Find A Suitable Date For Your Trip, And You May Contact Us at [email protected] If The Given Dates Are Not Favorable For You.

Note: During the trip; weather, local politics, transport or other factors, that are beyond our control can result in a change of itinerary. It is however very unlikely that the itinerary would be substantially altered. If alterations are necessary the leader will decide what is the best alternative taking into consideration the best interests of the whole group. Where a change does occur, we do everything we can to minimize its effect.

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