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Nepal is known for adventure, it's because the natural geography of Nepal is exemplary for it. Even though known for adventure Nepal's luxury has not been quite known to the world. Even if you are considering any kind of adventure activity Nepal has to offer luxury within it. The main goal of luxury packages is to make you feel a lot more comfortable and to operate your tour without any problem and hassle-free. The luxury comes within any kind of tour and trek. The luxury packages will be customized according to one's needs and interests. Today even though everyone can get experience or admire the beauty of the land of the Himalayas, getting into those parts of Nepal is often difficult and extreme, considering the hard work and problems you face during normal tours and activities luxury packages have been introduced.

Luxury comes along with two different kinds of activities namely trek and tour. You might wonder how a trek can be luxurious and all because trekking is all about hard work and discipline for weeks and weeks. Trekking has been an integral part of Nepal however not everyone can’t afford to do trekking for various reasons but want to experience the beauty of those trekking reasons. But you can afford to do any kind of trekking when it comes to luxury trekking where you will be facilitated by different luxury standards. Luxury in trekking is all about assisting you to reach the destination without you having to face any kind of difficulties. You can choose the destination of your wish and the rest of the facilities will be managed and operated by Luxury Holidays Nepal.

One of the highlights of the luxury packages is Helicopter tours to different destinations on the Himalayas. Even in luxury trekking if you wish to complete a certain part of the trekking route through Helicopter you will be facilitated by these services. Helicopter tours to Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, and many more are some of the luxury tours available which are also very popular trekking destinations. These luxury trekking and tour destinations can be mixed or customized alongside your demands and necessities. For example, in luxury trekking, you can complete your trekking one side and return through Helicopter the second time which is a part of the luxury campaign.

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