Luxury Packages

Luxury Holidays Nepal‘s sole objective is to cater a world class luxury to its clients by featuring luxury trip packages in Nepal. Luxury Holidays Nepal is truly dedicated to providing luxurious services to guest with maximizing your enjoyment for a lifetime memory. We provide a wide range of Special luxury trips customized to match personal interest and duration.

In fact, we have designed such itineraries which guarantee the full board luxury thought-out the trip. The accommodation in star hotels and enjoying private luxury transportation in your vacation will be an astounding experience. We do not compromise luxury and safety during the operation of particular trip package.

The word ‘Luxury’ has become a buzzword among the modern travelers/tourists. Everyone wants to celebrate luxury during their trip wherever they go. Considering such desire and interest of the clients, we have technically designed Luxury Packages to make your vacation in Nepal a memorable for the lifetime.

We have made a long research and have featured some special trekking and tour packages as luxury packages. These luxury packages are especially for luxury seekers during their holidays. Actually, the availability of star accommodations and private luxury vehicle make our trips Luxury Packages. Some people still have question: How can we upgrade our Nepal trekking and tour a luxury? Or how can we upgrade our normal trekking to luxury packages? To satisfy your questions, please see Luxury Trekking in Nepal.

Our Luxury Packages includes all possible luxury trip packages of Nepal consisting both Trekking in Nepal and Nepal Tours. In order to make these packages luxury, we have worked out to offer best possible luxury accommodation in the cities and in the mountain too. So, we hope that you will fully enjoy our Luxury packages during your holidays in Nepal. We are sure that you will find your budget worth after experiencing our Luxury Packages in Nepal. And your will realize “ Once is not Enough”.

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