Luxury Trek in Nepal

Trekking is an adventurous sport that generally requires a lot of hard work and you don’t expect luxurious facilities. During the earlier period of trekking, there weren’t any kind of accommodation facilities available because they were too remote from the capital, however gradually tea houses and lodges were set up after trekking started flourishing in the country. Though there has been the establishment of several tea houses and lodges, all of them are facilitated with basic food and lodging services where you have to share a common bathroom, rooms, and halls respectively. But with changing times there are changes occurring in trekking guest houses with modern services and facilities which is now defined as luxury trekking.

Often people's intention to trek is to complete the route within a couple of weeks with minimal facilities and services, however many want to complete these treks in a more luxurious manner in a shorter period of time. In luxury trekking, the trekkers are facilitated with modern forms of transportation like helicopter services till a certain point, and the rest of the route is covered in luxurious hotels and lodges. These hotels and lodges are now equipped with a modern set of infrastructures and facilities. 

What's the difference between normal and luxury trekking?

Traditional trekking is done generally with the help of traditional teahouses and lodges or by campings. This type of trekking has a minimal level of facilities from which you can continue your trek the whole time. A common bathroom, living halls, and shareable rooms are the general characteristics of teahouses and lodges in normal trekking however in terms of luxury trekking you will be facilitated with a standard room with king-size beds, attached bathrooms with a hot shower, and 24/7 room services facilities. In certain sections of the route of luxury trekking regions, you will also have the facility of electrically heated blankets and charging facilities all the time. 

In terms of transportation normal trekking acquires common public shareable buses whereas in luxury trekking you will be accompanied by luxury private vehicles, also you can avoid certain fractions of the route with the help of helicopters which are generally considered routes with less scenic views and are mostly the starting sections of the trek. You will have the facility to trek down the sections of the route which you will prefer and can depart from any point of the trekking route through helicopters if you face certain kinds of discomfort. The hotel services in the city area of trekking routes will be of top class, generally, the hotel stay would be in intermediate level of hotel rooms which are shareable; however, in luxury trekking, you will have access to five-star hotels and restaurants as per your luxury trekking packages. 

There are several regions to experience luxury trekking in Nepal with marvelous Himalayan sceneries, typical village lifestyles and settlements, and many more. The luxury trek in the Everest region, Annapurna region has been operated by Luxury Holidays Nepal. The luxury trekking in these regions will also be accompanied by some professional and experienced guides. The trekking duration will be shortened drastically in luxury trekking so if you want to experience the trekking experience without having to compromise on the safety and security of you and your belongings then luxury trekking is a perfect option for you.

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