Meals and water during the trek

All meals will be had at a local teahouse along the route. While the menu can be limited at higher elevations, most items served at teahouses are freshly prepared and healthy.

At breakfast time, you will have many options from cereal, oats, Tibetan bread, chappati, bread, hashbrowns, apple pie, and eggs in different styles. You will also have a choice of tea or coffee.

For lunch and dinner, there will always be traditional dal-bhat available. This consists of boiled rice, lentil soup, a couple of varieties of vegetable curry, pickles, salad, and pappad (a thin lentil cracker). With this meal, there are unlimited refills which means you can eat as much as you want – which is great after a long day of walking. However, there are plenty of other dishes available, including fried noodles (Chowmein), Sherpa stew, steamed or fried momos (dumplings with vegetable or meat filling), pasta, pizza, paratha, burgers, and more.

If you are unable to have gluten, we suggest that you bring your snacks and ready-to-eat meals. Many items on the menus are not gluten-free and it will become more difficult to find suitable food as you gain altitude.

Those who are vegan will be pleased to hear that the food available on the trek is suitable for your dietary needs. Meat is not readily available, and most of the dishes are prepared with locally sourced vegetables. While milk and yak cheese are very popular and common, it is not in many dishes and can easily be avoided.

For Drinking water, we suggest that you bring a sterilizing tool like a setri pen or LifeStraw to filter drinking water. You can also bring water purification tablets. Boiled drinking water is available for purchase from teahouses in addition to bottled mineral water. However, we try to avoid purchasing bottled water as empty plastic bottles have caused significant issues on the trail.

Additionally, mineral water gets very expensive in the mountains, rising to four or five times the original price due to high transportation costs.

Note: Drinking water is not included in our packages.