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“The Best way to judge and measure you is traveling to the new world.”

Welcome to Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd.!!!
Traveling is the best act of exploring the world. By traveling you can realize how tiny space you occupy. Appearing to the new world different from your hometown is the best way to realize how different the lifestyle of the people. Meeting the peoples from different societies, looking at the moon rising from the different parts of the world, walking or driving along the road new to you, and exploring the beautiful nature of the other corner of the world is the best part of Travelling and crossing the seas. 
Nepal, the piece of Heaven on earth and created specially by God, is the best destination for those willing to explore the unique creation of nature. It is the most diverse land in the world; diverse climates, diverse topography, biodiversity, diverse flora, fauna and ecosystem, unique and diverse cultures and traditions, etc. In short, Nepal is a naturally and culturally blessed country; one can’t experience it wholly or completely. It is always unique and new no matter how much time you came here to Nepal. Visiting Nepal is once in a lifetime experience. Every Year thousands of thousands of tourists come to Nepal to experience the unique taste of Nepal visit. It is always good to explore Nepal.
Why I am telling you to visit Nepal is because of its beautiful nature, diverse topography from tropical to alpine forests and climate, amazing and splendid landscapes from the world’s highest point to the deepest gorge of the world, East to West gigantic and colossal Himalayan Ranges, several glaciers, rapid flooding and river channels, beautiful lakes and ponds, farm fields, typical settlements, Nepalese foods and cuisines, ancient temples, and holy places, old Forts and durbars, many other monuments built with lots of architectural techniques and artistic skills of carving, crafting and sculpturing, and many more attractive and wonderful places and things.
Here you in Nepal can enjoy many things, such as trekking, touring, adventure sports and outdoor activities natural tour, Luxury tour in Nepal, Nepal Luxury trekking, etc. Greater viewpoints for amazing Himalayan views, amazing hill stations to chillax and relax, unique beauties of Trans Himalayas, etc, Nepal offers everything you look for. 
On behalf of Luxury Holidays Nepal and its team, I want to assure you that Nepal is one of the safest countries in the world to travel to. Unlike other countries where peoples fraud and cheated on tourists, Nepal is one most secure places where peoples are very kind, helpful and warm-hearted. You can freely and independently travel all in Nepal (Except in some restricted areas). 
I personally want to tell you that Luxury Holidays Nepal is one renowned and recognized tour operator. You can trust this company and its commitment. You can fully rely upon what LHN says to you. It always focuses on qualitative services and customer satisfaction. We provide you our best and best services worthy of your money. We always follow business ethics and morals.

Shishir Banjara
Managing Director
Luxury Holidays Nepal

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