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A Multi-Country tour has been organized by LHN targeting those who want to travel to multiple destinations at once without any hassle and burden. These tours are typically done between two countries' coordination, however, your dream and demand are listened to by LHN and can be customized to multiple countries at once. These tours would be a collective experience of natural beauty, culture and tradition, ancient architecture to modern architecture, diversity of food and religion, adventure, and many more. These tours are subjective to those wanting to experience multiple cultures, adventures from two different nationalities. 

Luxury Holidays Nepal has been managing tours to different South Asian countries and other countries collectively. Nepal, Bhutan, India, Tibet, Dubai, Maldives are some of the countries that can be blended together for diverse experiences. These are operational under one common goal, to understand and experience the different lifestyles of two or more than two countries. Some of the multi tour countries available by LHN are;

Some Multi Tour operated by LHN 


Nepal and Tibet are both home to some of the great Himalayas. Shared as borders, the Himalayas are definitely the highlight of both countries. Culturally and naturally blessed both Nepal and Tibet have unique histories to share. Nepal and Tibet share an average elevation of 3000m and 5000m respectively. These make trekking and tours a popular activity to do when on these kinds of tours. Tibet is the home to ancient Danai lamas where the traditional practices of Buddhism were established. Nepal is popular for the birthplace and founder of Buddhism “Gautam Budhha '' and the world's highest peak “Mt. Everest” standing at an astounding elevation of 8848.86m.


This tour is very delightful to understand and experience two perspectives of life where Nepal has been preserving and living ancient styles of lifestyles as Dubai has been a hub for modern luxury and architecture. This symbolizes the difference between two countries under the same roof, where both have their own identity and needs. Nepal is home to the world's tallest peak whereas Dubai is home to the world's tallest man-made architecture, from natural wonders to man-made wonders you can experience both of these under one multi tour scheme.


Two neighbouring countries that share a similar linguistic and cultural character, perfect multi-country for those wanting to experience the diverse natures of two south Asian countries. Nepal and India share 3 out of 4 borders in the country, being said that Nepal and India are just more than neighbours, the people of these two countries share blood relations which cannot be seen very often between two neighbouring countries. This relation between two countries can make sure that travelling between these countries is entirely safe and secure.


Two Himalayan countries that share similar physical geography are a perfect collision of culture, religion and tradition. Bhutan and Nepal share some of the common linguistic features besides Bhutan having their own native language however communication won't be a matter of issue as both countries are well known for their languages. The land of dragon and the land of Himalayas provide you distinct experience, Bhutan will provide you with the Buddhism experience whereas Nepal fascinates you with extreme mountains and huge hills and landscapes. In short, the two countries will tie you up in a collective experience of nature, culture and adventure.

Some of the tours available are mentioned above however these are not only available options, LHN will prepare and manage every kind of tour in multiple countries according to your desire and needs. The tours are organized irrespective of different circumstances or challenges to be overcome on a multi-country tour. 

Luxury Holidays Nepal some of the known and popular packages available are India and Nepal Tour, Nepal trek with Delhi Jaipur and Agra Tour, Magical Nepal and Bhutan Tour, Nepal and Tibet Tour, Nepal and Dubai Tour,  to keep in mind these tours are running and any two countries tour is customizable and organized as per your needs. If you want to know more about the multi-country tour please Contact Us.

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