Nepal and Bhutan

Nepal and Bhutan both countries are both Himalayan kingdom which has lots of similarities in several aspects. Bhutan has the most average elevation from sea level followed by Nepal. Both countries have lots of high and small peaks and mountains which are the source of several sacred lakes and rivers. The diversity of nature and topography is the beauty of these countries which showcase the most mysterious views of hills and landscapes. Nepal and Bhutan both countries are rich in cultural blessings. There are some similarities in cultures and traditions that the civilians of these nations share.

Nepal is a culturally diverse country with lots of religions. Despite the lots of religious groups, Nepalese live with religious harmony and tolerance. As Hinduism and Buddhism are the ancient religions of Nepal, visitors have so many beautiful cultural places that show how peoples share their traditions and how the people’s faith and beliefs are spread all over the nation.  Nepal is the best destination for a cultural tour and natural explorations. Its diverse floras and fauna create a real fantasy land where you have lots of uniqueness and distinctiveness altogether. Its culture and cultural sites showing the beautiful piece of arts and architecture are so amazing that add more beauty to the face of Nepal. Lots of tourist looks for the trip which makes the trip of both nations. They want to admire the beauties of both nations in a single journey. You can enjoy several things here in Nepal; Trekking in Nepal, Nepal Tours, Adventure Sports, Peak Climbing, and other Day Activities and Things to do in Nepal

Talking about Bhutan, the whole book is not able to describe the beauty of the kingdom of the thunder dragon. In a world, Bhutan is the last Shangri La on earth. The Himalayan nation is full of mountainous beauties. Pleasant weather and fresh air with a peaceful environment is the main specialty of Bhutan that makes the Bhutanese happiest peoples on earth. Bhutanese people share culture as Tibet. Bhutan is the best for Cultural Tours and Trekking The small and big mountains, hills, forests, monasteries, villages, etc. are the best part of Bhutan's visit. Nepal and Bhutan are two Himalayan nations presenting showcasing different vibrant beauties. Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is one best trip agents in Nepal operating its packages inside as well as outside Nepal.

Luxury Holidays Nepal has crafted several Multi-Country tour packages. Magical Nepal and Bhutan tours are the specially developed packages of Luxury Holidays Nepal. In this package, we have blended several activities and the trip of Nepal and Tibet; Kathmandu Sightseeing tour, Pokhara Sightseeing tour, Chitwan Jungle Safari, and Bhutan Magical Tour. Please check out the package details to know more about this Nepal and Bhutan tour.

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